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A collection of compatibility patches for 20th Century Weapons with the Reborn addon. Currently I have an eXCaliberized weapons patch with a few additional fixes to update weapons that hadn't been FWEized, and merged versions of all of the supplementary patches with full FWE, MMM and WMK compatibility.

Permissions and credits
Status: I am still working on this mod, to rebalance the weapon stats, so keep checking my page every week. My 1.01 updates are the files fix the description fields, some errors I had made when eXCaliberizing the ammo, and some errors I discovered in 20th Century Reborn. Also, I have added an RHironsighted version of my eXCaliber patch (file 3a). If in doubt, download files 2,3 (or 3a if use use RH Ironsights),and 5, activate them, and deactivate all of the other 20th Century plugins except for 20th_Century_Weapons -Plus- Reborn_v1_70RC-18668_Ironsights_v1_1.esp, 20th Century Weapons.esm and 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp . One thing I have learnt - modding is time consuming.

This mod is a addon for an addon, and requires 20th Century Weapons 5.12 (no longer available on the Nexus) and 20th Century Wpns -Plus- Reborn - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18668/?  . 20th Century Weapons adds a lot of real weapons into the Fallout world through NPC and merchant changes, and Reborn improves upon it, changing weapons values to be in line with FWE (Fallout Wanderers Edition) and having support for WMK and RH Ironsights. As I was preparing these mods for use in a new game of Fallout 3, I noticed several issues, errors and omissions and created these patches for myself, which I hope will also be useful for others. The author of Reborn seems to have abandoned it in 2013, locking down the comments section, so updates are never going to happen from that source. Just a note: the other big weapons mod for Fallout 3, rivalling 20th Century Weapons, are Apocalypse Armoury and Book of Earache, but they too no longer available on NexusFiles, and the authors never got around to creating a FWE compatibility patch. Once I have completed my Reborn rebalnce, I hope to FWE-ize both of those mods as well, so you could play with all 3 enabled without any mod added weapons being over/under-powered compared to those of another mod.

This mod only consists of plugins (esps) that utilize content from 20th Century Weapons. I am not a 3D modller or texture artist, just a perfectionistic gamer with a desire to contribute something back to the community.

Currently available files:

1. A merged patch containing:

20th Century v5 ALIVE (Brotherhood_Outcast).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Chinese Ghoul).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Containers).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (NPC_Settler).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Raider).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (RivetCity).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Slaver).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (SuperMutant).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Talon_Regulator).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (TEST Container).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Vault 101).esp
20th Century v5 ALIVE (Vendor).esp
20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn v1_70RC-18668-ALIVE (TEST Container).esp
20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn v1_70RC-18668-ALIVE(Chinese Ghoul).esp
20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn V1_70RC-18668-ALIVE(SuperMutant).esp

I created this to greatly reduce the required number of plugins, and have made various changes as well: increased diversity (a mixture of vanilla, FWE and 20th century assets), merger of 20th Century levelled lists with those of FWE and WMK, removal of ITMs, addition of some MMM and FWE changes, et cetera. To ensure the plugin is properly sorted by BOSS/LOOT, I have named it '20th Century v5 ALIVE (SuperMutant).esp', but it contains all of the above merged and compatibilized.

Use the following Bash tags for these merged plugins: Deflst (or Supermutants wont fire mod added weapons), Delev, Relev, Invent.

2. A merged patch identical to number 1 above but with the 3 lots of cheat containers removed. I recommend this version.

3. A compatibility patch with eXcaliberized versions of the '20th century Weapons Reborn'  weapons records. But, I hear you say, Reborn already has an XCaliber plugin. However, if you examine it in XEdit, you will see that is a just a slightly modified copy of xCALIBR.esm, containing just ammo records. My version changes the graphics of the projectiles and adds eXCaliber behaviour to the projectiles. There is an old eXCaliber addon for 20th Century Weapons, but it isn't compatible with Reborn (there are far too many changes).

I have also fixed several errors, inconsistencies and values that were far too high or low, and given FWE level stats to a few weapons that author has missed.  As of version 1.02, I have included eXCaliber ammo records, so you no longer need to use a separate override esp plugin such as xCALIBRammo_FWE.esp or xCALIBR_ammo_Override_v1_01...esp.

Bash tag suggestion: Graphics, Names, Stats

3a. A compatibility patch with eXcaliberized versions of the '20th century Weapons Reborn'  weapons records, plus the changes from Reborn's optional RH Ironsights plugin, 20th_Century_Weapons -Plus- Reborn_v1_70RC-18668_Ironsights_v1_1.esp . There is no need to use #3 above, because my eXCaliberized patch includes all of the 20thCentury Reborn weapons. I have given this eXcaliberized plugin the same name as Reborn's Ironsights esp, since Reborn's esp is just some weapon's records and my plugin supercedes all of the records. Just overwrite Reborn's with my plugin. You could name it to something else like "20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn xCALIBRized + RHIron.esp", but it might not sort correctly in BOSS/LOOT. You don't need to have xCALIBR_ammo_Override_v1_01.esp activate when using this plugin, since I have included the Ammunition records in my plugin.

Bash tag suggestion: Graphics, Names, Stats

4. The changes from number 3 above, but instead of an extra esp patch, the changes are incorporated into the original esp "20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp". This file overwrites the original one from 20th Century Reborn. Bash tag suggestion: Actors.DeathItem, Deflst, Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Relev, Scripts, Sound, Stats

5. A cut weapons addon. As I was looking at the Reborn esp, I noticed that some weapon FORMIDs (particularly the Russian ones and the Berettas), were overridden with different weapons, and only some of these guns were added back with new FORMIDs. The weapons I have added back to the game through levelled lists are the AA12, Agram2000, FAMAS, Pancor Jackhammer (I know that FWE also has a version of the wonderful weapon), Model 29 Smith & Wesson, OC 14 Groza (I have included versions using 2 different calibers of ammunition, just like in the real world), PP19 Bizon, PP2000, Tec9,  and the VEPR 12 shotgun.

Bash tag suggestion: Deflst, Relev.

This is the first time I have worked with levelled lists, and I believe I have got it right. NPC/Enemy  records call upon Levelled lists like 20centNPCLeveled02MachinePistol, these call on WithAmmo levelled lists, and these call upon Ammo and Cond levelled lists. I have also added the larger weapons to the Supermutant FORMId list so they can make use if them, though I haven't touched their weapons lists in this plugin.

Any problems, let me know. Just be nice about it. For a good suggested list of Fallout 3 mods, visit STEP http://wiki.step-project.com/User:Kelmych/Fallout3#

If using FWE, I highly recommend theFWE Talon Loot Crash Fix. It prevented CTDs I was having looting the Talon mercs due to the way FWE was handling cigarettes.  http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/15314/?