Fallout 3

About this mod

This Mod is a compilation of all the great mods relating to Tenpenny Tower plus more! no need to use any Tenpenny Mods all are integrated perfectly and do not clash with each-other.

Permissions and credits

You can now resolve the Tenpenny quest with lasting peace and without the Tenpenny residents being massacred, given that you eliminate a certain character from achieving his evil plans. 
New tenants moved in at the tower, bringing with them some new apparel for the Tenpenny folks to wear. The tenants were able to reproduce and have kids that should roam the lobby and do the things that adults do like smoke and drink nuka cola.
After the Tenpenny quest you would be rewarded with the key and the deed to the Tenpenny player suite. The suite contains light switches three new rooms, an aquarium and a secret you must uncover.
Tenpenny will hire four new security personnel which will guard the front door and patrol the perimeter of the tower. Tenpenny is also gracious enough to allocate sandbags for the new guards and equip them with the best armor he get his hands on. 
When choosing the peaceful path of the quest, that would allow ghouls to live in the tower; Tenpenny will also hire an additional 3 ghouls guards that would patrol the perimeter, 2 ghoul guards to protect the lobby and 2 ghoul guards that would stand guard at the entrance
and at the back of the tower. He also requisitioned a guard tower for the back guard and ordered him to stand his ground until he dies.

* Tenpenny Tower Alternate Endings
* Tenpenny Uniforms and Resident Clothes
* Household Purifier
* Aquarium
* Tenpenny Suite Trophies
* Added More Guards, NPCs and Children Inside Tenpenny Tower, and Added Guards and Patrols Outside Tenpenny Tower.
* Added Custom Textures
* Added Holster, Vests and Helmet
* Tenpenny Suite Reward After Quest
* Various Fix and Tweaks
* Cleaned and Hopefully Error Free

Please endorse the following mods because without them I would have not attempted to make a compilation.

Tenpenny Tower Alternate Endings by FMod with a few tweaks you can now ask if Roy Philipps still has a grudge that would hint to his evil schemes. 
You can no longer ask him this after the massacre.
Tenpenny Suite Actually a Suite by Malthol inspiration of the player home layout.
Tenpenny Lobby Music by Gimpusmons 
SDs Tenpenny Suite Trophies by Smokindan moved all trophies to the secret room to avoid obeject overlaps and conflicts.
Tenpenny Uniform and Resident Clothes by Maxi2481
Tenpenny Suite Deluxe by Rhagz for the inspiration of lightswitches and the secret room. And for pointing out two awesome mods
Animated Aquarium by Malo & Kalten 1979
Household Water Purifier by Anistar
Wasteland Warfigther by Jtucker40 Adds vests, helmet and holster to the Tenpenny personnel.

ENB of The Apocalypse
Updated Unoffical Fallout 3 Patch
New Vegas Anti Crash
DC Interiors Project
Paradox Ignition Mergers
DC Moods

Use at your own risk I have made every attempt to make this mod clean and error free. Please do not download if your not familiar with FO3Edit.
Reading the text files included is a must. Fight ignorance read before you use.
Do not use when you have started the Tenpenny quest already as this would make the edited scripts to malfunction, I strongly advise to use only on a newgame or when you haven't visited Tenpenny Tower yet. Should be loaded after updated unofficial fallout 3 patch.