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Fixes turrets and drones on Mothership Zeta so their karma aligns with the aliens. Prevents karma loss for destroying them.

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This is now included in the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch version 1.9.1+. Only download it separately under the following conditions:

Since Mart's Mutant Mod changes the Support Drones, if you are using the unofficial patch above and then load MMM after (recommended), you will lose this fix for Support Drones. So you may still need this patch to completely remove the bug (if your Merged Patch doesn't combine the patch with the changes MMM makes and/or you are unfamiliar with FO3Edit).

Have you ever run through Mothership Zeta when playing as a saint and notice you lose a lot of karma even though you made sure not to kill any of those annoying unarmed worker aliens? That's because the turrets and drones have their karma set to neutral despite their hostility. This mod simply sets their karma to be the same as the attacking aliens (-500). Contains both a standard version and an MMM-compatible version (for those using Mart's Mutant Mod, either the standard or the newer Merged Version). The difference is negligible. The MMM versions simply retain a change that MMM makes where a new script is assigned to Support Drones. If you install with FOMM/NMM it should automatically detect which version you need, or you can just select what you want manually. If installing without FOMM/NMM be sure to only select one of the ESPs as needed.

Note: This is not to be confused with Mothership Zeta -No Karma Loss by Lyrondor. That mod disables karma loss from killing workers.

As for load order, it shouldn't matter unless you have other mods which alter these creatures. Just be sure, if using the MMM version, that it loads after MMM.