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Fixes the Mothership Zeta Alien Captive Recorded Log 12 so it does not crash when you try to play it.

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This is now included in the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch version 1.9.1+ so no need to download it separately if using UUFO3P (highly recommended).

Many people experience a crash when trying to play log #12 (the first one of Sally) in Mothership Zeta. Now, after years of people reporting this crash, it is finally fixed. This is a very simple mod. No plug-in. Just a replacement for a single bugged file in the Mothership Zeta BSA.

A bit of investigation showed the issue was due to a specific OGG file in the BSA (disc and Steam versions both seem to have this problem). Some people may not encounter this bug, possibly due to different drivers and/or audio codecs, in which case you don't need this (but it couldn't hurt). All I did was re-encode the buggy audio file and suddenly VOILA! One of the oldest-reported and annoying bugs in this DLC has finally been fixed! As far as I can tell nobody else has fixed this bug, but if you know of a mod which does address it please let me know as I don't wish to duplicate anyone else's work.

I used Audacity from Sourceforge to create the fixed OGG file. Credit where credit is due. Check it out if you encounter similar issues in this or any other game.

And before anyone asks, no I cannot fix log #17. In that case, the audio files are completely missing from the BSA and AFAIK they are unavailable anywhere.