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A small improvement to historical artifact hunting. Gives important documents unique icons, restores two that have been cut from the game, makes them possible to find and increases the best artifacts' worth to certain characters.

Permissions and credits

* Restores two pieces of cut content: the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address
* Gives historical documents unique icons, containing excerpts of their actual text
* Increases the prices artifacts can be sold for in Lincoln's Profit Margins


Install with any mod manager in any order or unpack into ...\Fallout 3\Data. This mod has been designed to avoid conflicts, checked to be clean, and isn't sensitive to load order placement.

The new prices are balanced to reflect richer economies in modded games and set according to how excited the buyer sounds about them. Speech checks have been made a little harder for high-value items to reflect their benefit.
Voice files will not reflect the new prices (possible to do, but takes a lot of time), but you'll see them if you turn Dialog Subtitles on. Voices for the Proclamation and the Address are already in the game for the two interested buyers. The scripts have been fixed for these items to work in full.

The icons are made in Pipboy Item Descriptions Mod style with its classic Fallout font. Due to relatively small font size, the text might not be readable on low resolution screens. Since the items had to be edited for this, the Quest Item flag has been removed, allowing the player to keep any of these artifacts at home.

The two restored items are placed such that you will come across them over the normal course of the game, in places where you might expect to find them. They are not in containers, so will be there, looking like scrolls; however, one of the documents is inaccessible until very late in the game (if you know where it is stored in real life, you've probably figured it out). A spoiler with exact locations is included with the mod.

This mod also fixes a vanilla oversight. If you have two copies of a certain document, A.W. no longer takes both; now he'll take the forgery and you keep the original (if you want to hand him the original, drop the forgery first). To prevent double-dipping into the now-increased reward pool, the most valuable items can no longer be stolen back from Hamlin; on the plus side, a few trinkets (that would take some time to destroy) can be stolen from Leroy.

No scripts are included for framing and displaying the items in your house. There may be another mod that provides such. If you're installing one, place it below History Buff.esp in the load order.

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Current version is 0.99 - released to be checked by the public before calling it 1.0.

The alternate "no broken steel" version will not be developed further. It's only provided for the very few people who don't have Broken Steel.
Released into public domain, feel free to merge it into any compilation mods.