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Adds two handguns, a Beretta 90two and a Beretta 96A1.

Both can use a Streamlight attachment, the light is non functional and purely cosmetic.

Permissions and credits
7th March 2015 - Added an Experimental RH Iron Sights compatible pack under Optional files.

The pack is the guns only so you MUST have the main file (Vanilla or
CALIBR) installed first then add the RH compatible pack saying yes to

As Fallout 3 does not use a Sighting Node like New Vegas, in order to make the weapons line up they have to be re-sized slightly & repositioned.
All the while trying to balance the ironsights position with the 3rd person look of the gun. Adjust too much for iron sights & the weapon looks odd in the hands.

I think this is about right, it's the same adjustments I used on my Beretta 92fs Inox - Beretta M9 - Cleric's Gun Iron Sights patch.


5th March 2015 - Just noticed the latch plates on the briefcase were left off. Probably no one would have noticed but it bugged me once I realised. :)
Tiny patch has been uploaded to fix the issue, install AFTER the main file to replace with the corrected briefcase model.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


(1) Short description.
(2) Long description.
(3) How to attach the Streamlight
(4) CALIBR & Vanilla versions
(5) Installing & Uninstalling
(6) Conflicts & Issues
(8) Thanks & Credits.

(1) Short description

Adds a Beretta 90two & a Beretta 96A1 with optional TL-R Streamlight attachments.

The guns can be found at Fort Constantine in the Personnel offices building, in a case, on a table in the upstairs cafeteria.

(2) Long description

After I released My Beretta 92fs Inox - Beretta M9 - Cleric's Gun it was suggested to me by Brigand231 that I should make a Beretta 96A1.

Seemed like a good idea as I was on a bit of a Beretta run since the Auto 9 & 93R, the Beretta 96A1 was chambered in .40S&W so it added to the differences that the weapon could have in game from the .9mm's.

After completing the Beretta 96A1 I realised that it was close to the Beretta 90two (with the real weapons many of the Beretta 90two's features were used on the 96, just toned down a bit). The look of the 90Two is so unusual compared other Berettas & it seemed like a good pairing for a mod release.

Since both have integrated picatinny rails I thought it fitting to make TL-R Streamlight attachments for them, I'd been wanting to make one since completing some Glocks previously.

At the moment the TL-R Streamlights are only cosmetic, I may add lights in the future if I come up with some suitable low impact  method.

The Berettas have gun shot effects derived from their real world sound.

(3) How to attach the Streamlight

I wanted a nice & simple method to allow the TLR-1 Streamlight to be attached or removed without having the gun spam you with messages.
This script has only just been put together by me & so does not have a long testing history. Everything works fine from my initial testing but please report bugs should you encounter any.

The TLR-1 Streamlight comes in a box, there are two next to the Beretta case with the guns.

Pick up the TLR-1 Streamlight box & it will be listed in your Apparel menu.

Equip one of the compatible guns (the Beretta 90two & a Beretta 96A1 from this mod) & then left click the TLR-1 Streamlight box in your Apparel menu.
The TLR-1 Streamlight will now be attached & you will have an empty TLR-1 Streamlight box.

To remove the TLR-1 Streamlight from the weapon, equip the gun with the attached light & left click on the empty TLR-1 Streamlight box.

Neither gun will fit back in the Beretta case with a TLR-1 Streamlight attached.

When attaching the Streamlight the gun will remember it's condition between versions.

(4) CALIBR & Vanilla versions

There are Two versions of this mod to choose from, CALIBR & Vanilla.

Only use one version.

Both versions add the same Weapons the only difference is the CALIBR version
uses the correct .40 Smith & Wesson ammo which requires the CALIBR mod & also adds
vendor chests with .40 S&W ammo for Moira in Craterside Supply, Megaton
& Flak & Shrapnel in the Rivet City market to stock.

You get CALIBR from here:

Once installed you should have CALIBR.esm in your load order & ticked.

CALIBR is Community Ammunition Library - by Tubal & is a resource that
allows multiple mods to use the same ammunition to help prevent clutter
& confusion.

The CALIBR version also places a foot locker with some .40 S&W ammo behind the Beretta case.

The vanilla version is set to use 10mm ammo & has no requirements other than Fallout 3 of course.

(5) Installing & Uninstalling

Using a Mod Manager:

Download manually, right click on the archive & "Open With" Mod manger (FOMM/NMM).

The mod will now open in your mod manager's Package Manager, left click on it & select "Activate" to complete the install.

Don't forget to take care of archive invalidation, the version built into mod
managers often needs to be turned off & then back on again AFTER
adding a new mod.

To uninstall, open your mod manager, open the Package Manager, left click on the mod & select Deactivate.

Manual Install

Download manually, unpack the archive, drag the extracted folder & drop it
into your Fallout 3 folder (not into the Data folder as the package is
already named Data). Say yes when asked to overwrite.

Go to your Data Files & tick:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1.esp


Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1 - CALIBR.esp

Depending on which version you chose.

Don't forget to take care of archive invalidation.

Manual Uninstall:

Go to your Data Files, untick:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1.esp


Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1 - CALIBR.esp

Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data

Delete this file:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1.esp


Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1 - CALIBR.esp

Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Textures

Delete this folder:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1

Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Sound/fx

Delete this folder:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1

Go to your:

Fallout 3/Data/Meshes

Delete this folder:

Beretta 90Two & Beretta96A1

The mod is now uninstalled & removed.

(6) Conflicts & Issues

- CALIBR version only - .40 S&W ammo is made available for Moira in
Craterside Supply, Megaton & Flak & Shrapnel in the Rivet City
market to sell. Therefore new vendor containers are added to those
cells, if you have a mod making changes to either this may conflict. The
changes are designed to be as unobtrusive to the game as possible &
work with most mods that make simple additions & a Merged Patch
should fix many clashes.

- Both versions - The items are placed in Fort Constantine in the Personnel offices building so if you have a
mod making changes to that location there could be possible conflicts.


Q: Fallout 3 crashes on startup with this mod installed, why?

A: The only way that could happen is if you're using the CALIBR version & don't have CALIBR mod installed. Check that
     you've got CALIBR.esm in your load order or if you don't want to use the CALIBR version then switch to the other.

Q: Will you convert this to New Vegas?

A: No, simply because  I don't own New Vegas as I've yet to overcome my dislike of STEAM.
    Since I don't own the game I'd be unable to support the mod properly.

Q: Why Fort Constantine?

A: I had to think of a relevant location & also one that's not too often used by other mods to avoid clashing.
    Since the Beretta M9 is the U.S. Military's side arm I thought a Fort would be suitable.

Q: The textures of the weapons are strange & seem to take on the look of the surrounding objects, what's up with that?

A: Sounds like a classic archive invalidation issue, if you're using a mod
manager make sure to toggle Archive Invalidation off & back on
again AFTER     installing this mod.

You can also use the stand alone tool ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated:

But ONLY USE ONE METHOD as using both together can cancel each other out.

Q: Can I attach the TLR-1 Streamlight to other weapons?

A: No, you need to models of the weapon that the light will be attached to. One with the TLR-1 Streamlight & one without
so obviously they must be custom made beforehand.

Q: Does the TLR-1 Streamlight work?

A: Not at the moment, the light is purely cosmetic. The light would really do little more than the Pipboy light in game so it did not seem urgent to add functionality. It's possible that if I work out a low intensity method I may add it in the future.

Q: The Beretta 90two looks a little different when the TLR-1 Streamlight is attached, around the picatinny rail, what's up?

A: The Beretta 90two has a nifty dust cover protecting it's picatinny rail when it's not in use, in this mod it's automatically removed when the TLR-1 Streamlight is attached.

Q: Do you think anyone has read this far down the Description page ever?

A: Quite possibly not...

(8) Thanks & Credits

Big Thank-You Kindly to the makers of Nifskope, that essential model tool.

Thanks to the makers of & DXTBmp, my tools of choice for textures.

Thanks to the makers of Blender, I've finally got my head around it & am making some cool things with it.

Thanks to the makers of Audacity, a wonderful & free program that allows
one to record & edit sounds easily. Without which I'd have been
unable to give the Berettas their custom sounds.

Thanks go to Bethesda for a great game with the fantastic ability to be modded!

Thanks to Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta for the designs of the hand guns.

Thanks to Brigand231 for the suggestion I make the Beretta 96A1.

Thanks also to the Nexus for providing a safe home for mods, modders & mod users.


Special thanks to CLW, without whom I'd not exist & who's passing has left
me so deeply saddened that there are no words to adequately describe it.

From the Earth we come, to the Earth we return, to live again as a part of something new.