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Adds a new player home to the game, with enemy invasion, mercenary and defense systems. It has a molerat pet too.

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Ana House | Player home

Version 2.06 available.


Adds a new player home to the game, with enemy invasion, mercenary and defense systems.

In detail:

  * The mod is designed to be the more vanilla and lore-friendly as possible.

  * Full stand-alone and compatible. Full sorted with basic stuff.

  * Two interiors, a new home and the building entrance. The house is mid-size, two floors, lights can be turn on/off, all the "vanilla home stuff" (Nuka-Cola machine, laboratory...). The bobblehead expository doesn't remove the bobbleheads from your inventory and works even if you haven't them with you, it only needs the player to have already found the specific figure, this make it fully compatible with other player homes.

  * Fully navmeshes, tested and with map marker.

  * Invasion system that you can turn on/off and customize at will (number of enemies, frequency of attacks, chance of second wave) the enemy's equipment and stats are taken from the base game so if you have other mods that affects supermutants, Talons, etc, the invaders will be affected as well. Some enemies depend on your current karma or quest stages, like regulators or the Enclave. Enemies are tougher as the player levels up.

  * Mercenary system that allows you to hire soldiers and command them. There are four types of them based in their weapon skills. You can assign them to a specific position, repair their weapon or dismiss them. You can also hire the Reilly's Rangers, but with them the previous options won't be available. You have to pay them a weekly salary or they will desert.

  * R & D system, through it you can investigate upgrades for your troops equipment.

  * You can fortify your building entrance with turrets, towers and gangways. The turrets can be upgraded and repaired.

  * Statistics system with information related to your troops and enemies.

  * The home has a pet too, a molerat called Smug. Smug can find some loot while traveling with you.


The building is located to the east of Rivet City and Anacostia (you just found out where the mod's name came from). The key is in a corpse, in the entrance, behind the bar. Image available.


Fallout 3 and all five DLC. No FOSE required.


Download, unzip and put the .esm into your Fallout 3 Data folder.


The only incompatibility could be the location, let me know if you find anyone though.

* This mod is incompatible with Jefferson Place Apartments
* If you are using the Scavanger Armors mod you may find this plugin useful (It is compatible, but the merchants may die fighting invaders)

Some ideas for the mod's future

Remove constructions option.
More contructions, researches, enemies?
Hirable vendortron, bartender, mechanic, merchant, some other personal.
Defense robots.
Ban weapons?
Restore follow option with tokens.


Nothing yet.

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First thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian of course.
Thanks to all the modding community of whose i learn all the necessary to make this mod (And more).
Thanks to the authors of NMC textures, Fellout and Project Beauty that you can see in the images.