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Adds recoil to weapons using MMMZs Weapon Recoil modders resource. Self-contained, compatible. Ignores relevant weapons such as flamers energy weapons BB guns etc.

Permissions and credits
This is why you need recoil on your weapons:

VERSION 2 - complete rewrite, now  with 100% less crashes on level up and with 100% more compatibility & configuration.

version 2 highlights

  • completely selfcontained, doesn't edit any records
  • compatible with every weapon including modded ones
  • load order independent
  • configurable for recoil force of your liking
  • automatically ignores Energy Weapons, Miniguns, Flamers and such
  • no more freeze on level up (oops)

(In the above video my char has 115 in small guns. The recoil is slightly stronger the less 
in small guns or big guns you have. Recoil is also lower if aiming down the sights.)

1. Credits / Thanks:
2. Installation:
3. Uninstallation:
4. Configuration
5. Why BETA release:
6. Disclaimer:
7. Why did I make this:
8. Compatibility + Load Order:
9. Permissions:

1. Credits / Thanks:
MMMZ for Weapon Recoil - for modders only

2. Installation:
This mod requires FOSE.
Use any mod manager of your choice to activate the esp, or extract it to Fallout 3/Data and activate any way you prefer.

3. Uninstallation:
Do what you did in 2. in reverse.

4. Configuration:
Configuration available from version 2.0+.

In console (open with `) type without quotes "set Parameter to Value", i.e. "set RecoilConX to 0.50". This gets stored in your savegame so you
can use different settings per character. Configurable parameters (with defaults and descriptions) are listed below:
  • RecoilConX 0.33 ;constant angle the gun will kick up.
  • RecoilRanX 0.25 ;random value range for vertical recoil. for example if set to 0.5, the range will be from -0.5 to 0.5.
  • RecoilIncX 0.02 ;how much the global miltiplier increases per shot when firing a automatic weapon. i advise to set the value relatively low, somewhere between 0.05 and 0.02 for example.
  • RecoilIncXMax 1.1 ;the maximal value the incremental multiplier can have. keep in mind the value needs to be more than 1. for exaple if RecoilIncX is 0.1 and you want the recoil to stop increasing after 5 shots you'll have to set this value to 5 x 0.1 + 1 which is 1.5.
  • RecoilConZ 0 ;the same as RecoilConX but to the sides. note that positive values angle to the right and negative left.
  • RecoilRanZ 0.07 ;the same as RecoilRanX but to the sides.
  • RecoilIncZ 0.01 ;again the same as RecoilIncX but to the blah blah blah.
  • RecoilIncZMax 1.1 ;as you guessed it, the same blah blah blah.
(the above descriptions are taken straight from MMMZs script, the values are my defaults)

(slightly related shameless plug of my M41A Pulse
 vs some raiders while using the recoil mod)

5. Why BETA release:
This works well enough for me to warrant public release. But I can't test every combination of mods or all in game situations.

6. Disclaimer:
I made this mod for myself with default values I find to my liking. Should you find them infringing upon your immersion see 4. Configuration, above.

7. Why did I make this:
I didn't find other options available satisfactory and/or not to my liking.

8. Compatibility + Load Order:
Load order independent, place anywhere you wish.

9. Permissions:
You are free to modify my files, please credit me and MMMZ if you decide to release your fixes / changes, or contact me and I will upload and credit you here. I do not wish my files uploaded to any other sites, especially not to the Steam Workshop.

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