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This mod adds the ability to tie up unconscious non-essential NPCs. An optional plugin increases the arsenal of non-lethal weapons and restraints.

Permissions and credits

This is the Fallout 3 Edition of the Stun & Tie Up NPCs mod, which allows you to tie up unconscious non-essential NPCs. Visit the mod on the New Vegas Nexus for a detailed description.

Rather than copy and paste the description from New Vegas, I'll only list the differences of the Fallout 3 Edition. The mod itself was ported without any problems, but the optional plugin had to undergo some changes. Note, since Fallout 3 doesn't have any vanilla fatigue-damaging weapons, the "optional" plugin has become pretty much mandatory to be able to render NPCs unconscious.

Differences From New Vegas
Unlike New Vegas, Fallout 3 doesn't support Ammo Types and Ammo Effects. That means, instead of adding fatigue-damaging ammo, I could only add fatigue-damaging weapons. There are no crafting recipes either.

Tranquilizer Gun makes a comeback, and is pretty much a variant of Dart Gun. It uses normal Darts as ammo - Tranquilizer Darts and Overdose Tranquilizer Darts are absent. Tranquilizer Gun is sold along other small guns.

Stun Energy Cells are not available, but Stun Gun has been added, which is a variant of Laser Pistol. Like Laser Pistol, it uses standard Energy Cells as ammo. You can buy Stun Gun from the same vendors that sell Laser Pistols.

Gas Grenade, Gas Mine, Stun Grenade and Stun Prod, which did not rely on ammo, were carried over without any changes. Stun Prod is sold along with common melee weapons, while the new explosives are sold along with vanilla explosives.

Duct Tape, Rope and Handcuffs have been added to containers and vendors that contain or sell Wonderglue.

If you need a set of tools to get started, Moira Brown in Megaton can lend you a hand.

There are two available installation methods: automated (requires Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager) and manual.

Automated Install
1. Start FOMM and click on "Package Manager".
2. In the top-right button menu, click on "Add FOMod" and select the zip file you downloaded.
3. "Stun & Tie Up NPCs (F3 Edition)" will now appear in the list. Select it and click "Activate". If you are prompted to overwrite anything, click "Yes to All".

Manual Install
1. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to the "Data" folder of your Fallout: New Vegas installation directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout 3\Data\
2. Start the game launcher, click "Data Files", and enable the "STUN.esm" and "STUN.esp" files.

Pick which method you are going to use for uninstall based on how you installed it.

Automated Uninstall
1. Start FOMM and click on "Package Manager".
2. Select "Stun & Tie Up NPCs (F3 Edition)" in the list and click "Deactivate".

Manual Uninstall
Delete the files and folders associated with the mod (see the list inside the archive).

Just like with the New Vegas version, there may be conflicts with other mods adding idle animations. In order to resolve such conflicts, download this plugin and place it at the bottom of the FOMM's load order (below all other mods).

If your STUN items have weird textures, then you need to use ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated.

Cheat Plugin - adds all STUN items to your inventory and grants you the "Nabber" perk.

Future Versions
The Fallout 3 Edition may not be updated as often as the main New Vegas mod, but it will receive the 1.0 version after it's released for New Vegas.