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Does it feel kinda strange to have to open your Pip-Boy to have a snack or drop your weapon?
If so, check this out.

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Doesn't it feel kinda strange to have to open your Pip-Boy to have a snack or drop your weapon? Or even worse... use an item you just grabbed?

Seriously... Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird to have to carefully place that apple I just grabbed in my inventory, and then have to take a good look at my Pip-Boy just to "eat" it?

I mean... What the f***?!

Well, this is my first attempt at trying to fix that.

Things you can do without opening your Pip-Boy

  • Eat and drink. Save your hotkeys for more important things.
  • Consume food, drinks, chems, and read books that you find laying around.
  • Equip weapons and apparel that lay around.
  • Drop your currently equipped weapon.
  • NEW Equip weapons and apparel, and consume ingestibles directly from containers and dead bodies.

A little bit more depth
Starting the mod

Upon installation, this mod adds an item to your character's inventory under the Apparel section, named [Out of Pip-Boy Interactions]. Click on it, close the Pip-boy and the configuration menu will display. All features can be enabled and disabled from there.
Eat and drink
You can configure two custom hotkeys for the Eat and Drink actions, respectively, or you can use the provided inventory activators instead. When you press the hotkey or equip the activator, your character will do the respective action. It will always drink the best drinks in its inventory first, and only then will start to drink the less healthy ones in successive activations. If it is under the effects of alcohol withdrawal, it will always choose to have an alcoholic drink if there's any in its inventory, no matter what else it has. Eating works mostly the same way. The character will pick cooked and processed foods before raw/nasty ones. If it has the Cannibal perk, it will always pick human flesh first, then the rest of the meat in its inventory, then the remaining food.
QuickUse / QuickDrop
When your character grabs something (pressing Z by default) if instead of releasing the key you hold it for a full second, your character will use the item it's grabbing instantly. This applies to ingestibles, weapons and apparel. If you hold the grab key with a weapon out and while your character is not grabbing anything, it will drop the weapon to the ground instead. As of this time, this works for all weapons except hand-to-hand weapons (power fists, knuckles).
While you're looking at the contents of a container or dead body, hold the grab key and take items from it. Your character will use the items that you took while you were holding the key as long as you release it before you exit the container menu (this will still work if you press it successive times after the first one). Your character will always use a maximum of one item per stack of items taken this way. For example, if you take 15 Stimpacks and 4 Beers, your character will use 1 Stimpack and 1 Beer. I know it's not a particularly good combination but it should be good enough for an example.

Known issues
The OnEquip blocks in any scripted items equipped through these means wont run. Since most mods don't add scripts to inventory items this isn't normally an issue, but I have to fill this section with something.
When you use the QuickUse feature to equip a weapon or piece of armor, your character will actually equip the most damaged version of that weapon or armor existing in its inventory at that time. There's no workaround to this.

Currently, there are patches for individual DLCs or all of them at once, for FWE, EVE, WMK, Underground Hideout, and Distributed Necklaces and Chains. If you need more than one of the patches (for example FWE + WMK), then you MUST create a merged patch or bashed patch for them to work correctly. All of the patches are mergeable if you use Wrye Flash, so this is highly recommended. Load order is not important. If you're going to upgrade from v1, it is recommended that you do a clean save first (uninstall this, save the game to a new slot, install the new version).
I believe it's also worth mentioning that these patches don't touch any record from the original mods. No incompatibilities can arise from installing them and this mod in general should be compatible with everything. Compatibility and performance are always in my priorities.

Final Note
I made this for myself, but I might be willing to expand on it, and compatibility patches for mods that add their own ingestibles, weapons and apparel are easy to make. If you have any suggestion or request, just shoot.

Thanks to
The FOSE Team
Akkalat85 for giving me the idea of making items in dead bodies usable.