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An animated decorative clutter with a touch of exotism waiting for being integrated in a mod.

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Animated Music Box - Resource for Modders by Pixelhate.

An animated decorative clutter with a touch of exoticism waiting for being integrated in a mod.


A very simple test room .esp, with both versions of the Music box has been added.
The names of the activators, sound, and script use the prefix Pix for easy finding in Geck.
Coc 01PixMusicBox or use the sewer at the entrance of Vault 101 (See pic).

It is normal to hear nothing at the first activation, the sound will come  only at the second animation. (see Know Issues/Bugs section)

Once opened a wooden box reveals a Hula girl spinning on a tingling version of Alohaoe.

Two versions are available:
01- When activated, the box will open, the song will be played and the Hula girl will rotate during 20 seconds, then the box will stay open until activated again.
02-The box will close automatically after playing.

When I figure it out, an Havoked version will be added.

A simple activation script calling the AnimGroups can be used.

To be heard, the music needs to be implemented in Geck under the name "PixAlohaoe", without quote.

The object is mesh-mashed and animated in NifSkope. All elements are common to FO3 and FNV, so it's safe to use it there...
All textures used are Vanilla except for the postcard.


Known issues/bugs
The sound will not be played the first activation, it will only be heard after the second.
Among the two annoyances related to nif sound triggering, I choose that one instead of a doubled sound heard each time, which is quite noticeable (and unpleasant) with tingling sounds over 20 seconds.

Bugs reports are greatly appreciated and rewarded with Kudos.

Please keep the folder tree of the Data and files names intact. Thank you.

Prensa for constant help and support.
The Music House for the Alohaoe music box version.
Hawaii SR22 Insurance for the Hawaii postcard

Tools used
Blender (a few vertices removed)

Modder's resource. You are free and welcome to use in your mod, but don't forget to give credits.
Send me a link to your mod, so I can integrate it here.

This file is provided as is and the author holds no  responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

You MAY NOT use any part of this mod for commercial purposes, including (but not limited to) creating a paid mod.

Pixelhate. 2014.