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A little spring cleaning around the settlements of the wasteland and other locations for improved immersion.

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I love immersion in games and I realized something was off about the settlements. They could use some tidying up. Take Rivet City for example. It's the oldest, largest and most secure settlement in the wasteland. It has a moderate-sized population, a marketplace and even a science lab. People have lived there for years, but they never bother to pick up a piece of garbage? And why does almost everyone wear rags when their shops sell nice clothes? It also bugs me that almost every location is washed over with paper debris plus rubble piles placed where walls and ceilings are perfectly intact.

I didn't wish to drastically change things from Vanilla, just some subtle improvements for added immersion. As such, it shouldn't conflict with most mods. I've tried to avoid dirty edits. Any removed objects were moved and disabled, not deleted. It may conflict with mods that alter the NPCs. Other locations besides settlements have been edited for improved immersion. I didn't completely "clean up" abandoned or unexplored locations, but I did remove some out of place debris and senseless piles of rubble where walls and ceilings were completely intact.

Later versions require all DLC.

Scripter wanted: I need someone good at writing scripts so we can arrange to have some content trigger after completion of certain quests.
Cleaner Settlements could potentially be a modder's resource. If you'd like to make a mod that adds new areas or otherwise edits various locations, you could list CS as a dependent to deal with unnecessary debris and clutter.

Bonus: Find the limited edition Vault Boy statue! It's collectible, so you can place it anywhere you like.

Feedback is always welcome and if you like it, please endorse!