Fallout 3

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Moira Brown as a fully voiced companion.
Detailed progression unlocking new perks and features.
85 new items, 62 new textures, 232 lines of dialogue.
Quests to upgrade Craterside and Megaton.
Romance progression with an adoption feature.

Permissions and credits


  • 471 total lines of fully voiced and lipped dialogue.
  • 3 newly recorded voices.
  • 171 new items with 93 new textures (includes 6 restored "cut" textures and 3 vanilla upscales)
  • 1 Massive expansion of Megaton on the nearby overpass.
  • 3 new stores with one that has numerous upgrades and features, and a mini player home.
  • 1 new fully playable AntAgonizer themed mod for Reign of Grelok.
  • Dozens of Object, Quest, and effect scripts
  • Dozens of new leveled lists with integration of mod items into vanilla lists/traders
  • Over a dozen new weapons including a revolver that fires any type of bullet (works like Rock-It Launcher) and a Lovecraft themed revolver with a backstory.
  • 13 new navmeshed locations (including exterior cells) with new idle markers
  • 8 new perks (including one that "levels up" with Moira)
  • 7 new NPCs/Creatures including a Pygmy Molerat minicompanion.
  • 7 marked quests including one that sends you to some rarely visited and challenging vanilla locations.



What is there to say?

She's arguably the most important NPC in the game when you first start out; sending you to key locations, providing vital upgrades for your house, and working with you on one of the longest quests in the game.

But she's more than that.

Even after dozens of playthroughs over countless hours and a continual flux of new mods, Moira is a constant, friendly and familiar face. Moira is an anchor.

Moira IS Fallout 3 doncha know

This mod allows you to recruit Moira Brown as a companion once you complete The Wasteland Survival Guide and disarm Megaton's bomb. At that point you will begin to improve her skills and develop your relationship while she is with you at various locations and during various quests. As Moira's "Adventure Skill" increases through doing this, she will unlock numerous new items, features, and rewards.

As a partner in Craterside Enterprises, you will upgrade and improve not only Craterside, but Megaton itself.

You will also be able to progress in a romantic relationship with Moira (PC gender/name aware) that proceeds from friendly compliments through flirting to a full on relationship and marriage at the Church of Atom, eventually even offering the possibility to adopt Penny with Moira and make her a permanent resident of Megaton.

This mod attempts, essentially, to allow the player to "build a life" with Moira and to really feel like part of a living Megaton where your actions with Moira over the course of the game significantly and permanently alter the landscape (literally in more than one case).

Also... you get to make your own booze and turn ANY Vault Suit into an armored version(including restored 87 and 92 suits)

If you paid for it the person you paid stole it.

Upgrade Notes:

.esP version:
It should be safe to upgrade. Overwrite anything that gives you a warning. Note that while this version contains EXACTLY the same features as the .esm, certain bugs from 1.0 may not be fixed by the update and the new NPCs will likely have the "head/body mismatch" issue. The only thing you loose out on by using the .esp will be any future plugins that require the .esm or any minor updates that require it (anything serious the esp will get a full update as well).

.esM version:
NOT safe to upgrade. MOIRA's script is preserved so any variables saved in her object script are ok but some of these lock quest dialogues and all the quests are going to reset. It is theoretically possible to fix this in console but it's a LOT of work. A future release may allow you to migrate to the .esm without a clean save (from 1.0 or the 2.0 .esp version) so if you want to stick with the .esp you are not hurting your chances to upgrade later to .esm.

EITHER version:
There are a few variables added to Moira's script but the new quests initialize them if you upgraded so that should be ok.
The only thing that you will loose by upgrading is one specific bonus multiplier at the new Canterbury Commons store if you were trained by Moira in Barter BEFORE upgrading. This is a fairly minor problem (reduces your max daily caps multiplier in the trade system to 17 instead of 19) and cannot be fixed except by using console.
Everyting else should work fine.

Hiring and Progression:

Before you can ask Moira to join you, you must complete the Wasteland Survival Guide and disarm Megaton's Atomic Bomb. Once you have done this you will be able to ask Moira to join you in your adventures. Before she will join you, you will need to complete the quest "Craterside Enterprises." This will involve hiring two new NPCs to run Craterside while Moira's with you and will also make you a partner in Craterside Supply.

By taking Moira on various vanilla quests and engaging in dialogue in various scientifically interesting locations, you will advance Moira's skills, improve and deepen your relationship, unlock new features, and unlock new expansions to Craterside and Megaton.

Be aware that the more you have done before hiring Moira the more difficult it will be to earn points as many of the quest stages and dialogues will have already been completed. It is recommended that you start this mod on a new character or one that has done almost nothing besides the Survival Guide and Megaton Bomb quests.

Upgrades and Unlocks:

DIY "Auto Doc" higher functions: Train Moira in Medicine.
Unlock Craterside Rooftop Deck: Moira needs 5 Adventure Skill points and you need 1,000 caps.
Nuka Protectron for Craterside: Complete "The Nuka Challenge"
Fire Fawkes to Craterside: Complete "Finding the Garden of Eden" AND liberate Fawkes.
Penny's Bedroom area/Playground behind CS: Adopt Penny.
Distill O Tron and Craterside Brewery: Moira needs 5 Adventure points, you need Colin Moriarty's "blessing."
Oasis Gazebo deck expansion and foliage expansion: Complete the Oasis quest.
Green Lantern Hydroponic Farms: Moira needs 7 Adventure Skill points, the Oasis deck must be unlocked, and you must have talked to Moira in 2 specific locations (see ReadMe).

Compatibility/Note (to users of my other mods):

Unlike my other companions, this mod directly alters vanilla Moira.

Her vanilla NPC object script is basically just the timer for her healing dialogues during the Guide quests and a variable to check if she's dead so there's not much there to screw up :) .

The actual modifications made to Moira will function exactly like my other mods, but there is no "companion version" of Moira, it IS Moira, so any mods that change her in any way could potentially conflict. I advise putting this mod below any other Moira mods and below anything you think might conflict.

Does not alter Moira's race so should be compatible with any appearance replacers.

Should not conflict with QUO VAGIS (lightly tested but conferred with Belthan), be advised that you should probably actually publish your Moira issue before completing the Survival Guide but this should not be necessary and should not conflict.

Should not conflict with WASTELAND REPRODUCTION GUIDE (not tested). It is advised that you complete the Reproduction Guide quests before initially talking to Moira about hiring her though this should technically not be necessary.

Known Issues:

  • Deactivating this mod while Moira is following you will leave her unessential, unarmed, unarmored and walking back to Megaton. It is not recommended that you remove or deactivate this mod unless Moira is in or near Megaton.
  • While deactivating this mod will remove any custom variables added to Moira Brown, it may not reset her stats to base. This could increase your prices at Craterside and may need to be reset in console.
  • Moira's armor and other mod added items may conflict with any mod that alters imagespace (weather, lighting, particle effects, etc...).
  • POSSIBLE CONFLICTS with FWE and Fellout. Neither should cause CTD but can cause major bugs. It is currently unknown if this is actually a direct conflict but be advised anyway.
  • Craterside may appear to be "red" but opening the door should turn it "green" and trespassing/hostility shouldn't be an issue. Moira may occasionally still say her trespassing dialogue if she is following you in CS but firing and rehiring her should fix it and nobody should go hostile.
  • The useable Atomic Cowboy Packs and Cartons can occasionally cause CTD. It is not recommended you open more than a couple of either at once as this seems to increase the odds. If you don't want to risk it you can also just sell them and buy the respawning useable individual cigarettes from Greeger. Yeah, he sells power armor and loosies :).
  • When initially hiring Moira as a companion, she may not begin following you immediately. She will start after you either go through a few load doors or wait a few minutes (real minutes not game minutes). This is intermittent and the cause is currently unknown. This only seems to impact the initial hire. As of 2.0 the time is usually reduced to a single load door transition.
  • If you use console or mods to detonate the Megaton Bomb and proceed with the Burke/Tenpenny quest AFTER permanently disabling it and hiring Moira, Moira will be ENTIRELY DISABLED and should not appear in her "other form." This has not been tested so be aware this may cause issues if you try for it. Your reward is a loss of all Moira's gear, Moira herself, and a snarky message condemning you for nuking Megaton and congratulating you on not CTDing (unless you did as the game may keep toggling her IsHireable variable back and forth between 0 and 1 infinitely).
  • It is possible to lock yourself out of Greeger's merchant topic if you talk to him while Moira is waiting or relaxing (but still hired) AND you have not completed the mini romance AND/OR done all the upgrades.. Getting Moira as an active follower (or dismissing her to Megaton) again is the only way to resolve this.
  • It is theoretically possible to "wait through" the CC store safe's daily scripts. Always spend at least one (game time) minute not waiting between 8AM and 8PM and again between 9PM and 7AM.
  • Some of the Megaton Towers settlers and guards may have strange AI behavior (not where they should be). This is mostly self correcting within 24 hours and the settlers do respawn (guards are temporarily essential because they're unique references connected to quest scripts) but it can lead to some unevenness in NPC population during certain points of the day. They may also "Phase" in and out of existence at the top of the stairs at the begining of a package that sends them down.
  • Craterside is always unlocked now.
  • If you use console/mods to give yourself the dream crusher perk after completing the guide, moira will fire herself and become unhireable. This is not a bug itself but can cause unpredictable behavior in CS and Megaton. You end up with a bigger discount at CS with this mod, so best to just skip it anyway.
  • Some options in the Workbench and Lab dialogue topics may not function correctly. The physical items in the lab will function normally. This is intermittent and will hopefully be corrected soon. Note that while this bypasses CRAFT activation (going straight to the workbench menu), it should not conflict.
  • The AI package that has vendors follow you around their shops is global and cannot be conditioned to "turn off" when Moira is following you (more accurately, it is actually conditioned that way but the variables controlling the behavior connected to it cannot be turned off without removing Moira from the merchant factions). Bringing her into stores may cause her to act like you are in Craterside though she should not report theft (outside Megaton).
  • The rooftop deck is not fully navmeshed. (The Oasis deck expansion is totally un navmeshed and the main deck is really tight with just enough room for furniture and rail lean markers.) Moira will eat lunch on the roof once it is unlocked but it is not advised that you dismiss any mod added companions there if you don't want them popping up in Megaton exterior.
  • The trophy bobbleheads will not trigger the quest/bonuses. They can be picked up and dropped but they are very difficult to "redecorate" with as they do not havok settle (they float there like pencils in Oblivion). Basically, if you don't like bobbleheads you can remove them but if you do like them you should probably leave them where they are.
  • Additional minor issues with spoilers are in the readme.


  • The meshes for the Armored RobCo Jumpsuit were generously provided by belthan. While they were publicly posted on the Fallout Mod Authors' forum, you are kindly requested to obtain his permission before using them.
  • Textures for the Craterside outfits, Power Armor, and Moira's name badge were provided by Ash.
  • Portable Personal Terminal's object script was used as a reference in figuring out why my portable terminal wasn't activating (it was the way I originally checked against game time in the timer scripts). None of ITJunky's assets were used but thanks nonetheless.
  •  "Helpy Bear" (effect name for one of the teddy bears) is a real life review/tech advice blog run by a former colleague with the patience of a saint.
  • The logo on the back of the power armor is that of the real life Robco Inc., an industrial supplies company based in Quebec, Canada. Their logo is a registered trademark of Robco inc. and is used here in accordance with well established principles of fair use.
  • The Green Lantern Icon is a registered trademark of DC comics and is used in accordance with well established principles of fair use.
  • The atom logo is based on a stock Photoshop shape and is not in any way based on any actual trademarked logos so there's not even a need to point out that fair use would clearly apply... but I will anyway :)

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