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This mod balances lighting indoor and outdoor without using HDR for those like me with crappy computers who can't use that feature.

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This mod balances the lighting in the game to make it more realistic with HDR turned off.  

I created this mod with 2 things in mind:
1 balance light without altering any bloom or HDR panel settings and
2. make it as  close to original Vanilla "mood" as possible without heavy tinting. 

Why? Because my computer is crap and can't handle HDR. I had a choice between High quality and no HDR or Med Quality textures with HDR and with occasional lag in indoor areas with too much fx. I opted for the former as high quality textures makes the game much better looking than HDR plus no lag whatsoever.  I soon found out, however, that most lighting mods balance the lighting with HDR turned on and without it the game looks oversaturated washed out or dim . But playing vanilla light/dark levels will always look about the same  just light is not as punchy. So most lighting moods I have tried sacrifice non HDR to make HDR look better instead of balancing both equally. I haven't been able to find a mod that makes the game look good with HDR turned off. Which is why I made this.

I have manually adjusted all imagespaces, lights, weather properties/colors, all tinting , and even changed some of the world imagespaces with other that make more sense. 

Days are overall brighter and indoors/nights are darker but not pitch black. Lights are overall same brightness just more crisp and "juicy."

Megaton World uses Wasteland Imagespace (apparently I removed this by accident will be implemented in next ver) and DolceMama uses same imagespace as Arlington Cemetery (they are supposed to be same worlds). 

Meresti uses a unique Metro variant imagespace now that is a bit brighter than default Metro which is much darker now.

Most civilized areas have brighter indoors while  "wild" areas have darker indoors. Hence the reason for Meresti change. Another required change would be Fort Independence as it uses office space and should be using an unique brighter office space variant (I will do that next ver).

I have not changed Vault , Tranquility Lane and Wasteland Shack imagespaces as they were really nice and crisp to begin with. Also utility imagespace is left default as well for comparison . When you find a non juiced up normal looking space is the old look. I left that as the only default look in the game for nostalgia purposes. 

As a bonus I have added a new weather region with an unimplemented crazy looking fallout decay type weather foggy atmospheric blue/pink clouds very cool. Is only found is one spot. A place with a lot of radiation. 

I am aware nobody plays this game without HDR but if you do  then you have this mod as the only option to make the game look pleasing and keep down FPS. 

Do not use this with HDR on. It will make the game incredibly bright and the sky looks all white no more sun, clouds, or anything. This is because I already bumped lighting up a lot to make it look natural. In a way this mod simulates a fake HDR by messing around with luma/contrast .   

If you wish to use HDR there are other mods out there  that do same thing but work with HDR. Use those instead. DC Moods, Realistic Wasteland Lighting, Fellout etc..   Any of those (and perhaps others?) will make game look more awesome if you wish to use HDR otherwise for non HDR you got this.