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Adds a collection of interiors to expand on Grayditch.

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What is this?
This mod adds a number of interiors to the town of Grayditch. It includes a new vendor, a tiny miniquest, and quite a few stories to uncover. I made this during some free time when making my New Vegas quest mod, Kashmir (currently in development hell D:).

Why make this?
It always saddens me when towns are underutilized in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Even when DC/NV interiors is installed, there are many buildings sitting with boards on their doors, waiting to be unearthed. I hope this mod helps accomplish a more open Capital Wasteland.

Anything else, punk?
If you notice any bugs or other errors, please don't hesitate to tell me about it in the comments. Thank you for reading, I hope you download, and have a nice day!

Me - making the mod
Myself - making the mod
I - making the mod
Nexusmods - creating such a friendly place to upload mods :)
Bethesda Softworks - making the game, duh!