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  1. arcoolka
    • premium
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    "Patch 1" - fixs old interface world map texture to actual one /map should look like this /, + fixs some minor bugs / updated main .esm is attached too/. Just unRar and drop everything to your Data folder, if you installed Main fomod file already.

    "Patch 2" - fixs grammar errors, Kudo goes to baconelk.

    For "mod compatibility" chceck mod description page.This mode use own base objects and changes only as little global values as possible. I am trying to make this mod so compatible as possible. It means that only real conflict is with mods which changes vanilla time scaling - this will lead to CTD.

    For "already known bugs " chceck "Bug reporting" topic under mod forums page

    For  "news from dev progress" chcek my development diary page on FB
  2. foot89790
    • member
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    Hey, can I work on a remake of this for fallout 4?
  3. ju87gstukas
    • member
    • 231 posts
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    How do I acquire the lawbringer suit in vanilla game play?
    1. PreWarTech
      • member
      • 450 posts
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      Best bet is console command - player.additem - You'll need to obtain the desired item(s) refID first (you'll need to look it up with the F3-GECK).
  4. Vandenorthe
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    love this mod, its actually the only reason I keep fallout 3 on my computer lol. Id really like a main menu replacer for it, similar to DUST for new vegas. Could somebody make that happen please? I don't care if its just a name change I want it lol
  5. Shidentora
    • member
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    Hail, Arcoolka. We all know ya gonna b back soon with new FO 0 =)
    1. kc5wau
      • member
      • 60 posts
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      Lol. I came back to read into Zero some more to see if he has finished this. And to see someone on aug 2nd of 2018 reply to a mod 4 years old that's hasn't seen an update in years is shocking. I loved this mod as a kid. Alchestbreach and so on.
  6. denisdrug
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Hello, i've got a problem. After a talk to Bee-Vee to start mod, the fade to black and nothing happens. I cant select SPECIAL and skills. Hope you will read this.
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english
  7. majordarkstar89
    • supporter
    • 3 posts
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    Hey man, i hope your still kicking around here on the nexus, cuz i have an issue. Ive searched the readme's and game files and cant figure out how to start it with megaton blown up. i dont mind starting a new character to play it, if that's what it takes, but it would be great to play it on my current one just so i dont have to go through the hassle of making a new character to play your mod. Thanks!
  8. whitetiger1997
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    Will there still be a part 2? Love the story man, feel like this is the best quest mod out there for this game.
  9. AmaccurzerO
    • supporter
    • 814 posts
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    I can't isntall this properly. When I go to package manager this message is prompted:

    Error loading 'All_In_One_Starter_Pack_OLIVE_WHITE_BLACK.fomod'
    Cannot find central directory
    Error loading 'Fallout Zero.fomod
    Cannot find central directory

    and later when I try to install it again:

    Error loading 'Fallout Zero(1).fomod
    Cannot find central directory

    Am I doing something wrong? I copied Fallout Zero.fomod inside the data folder before doing all this. Where should I copy Fallout Zero.fomod?
  10. rottenhaus
    • supporter
    • 109 posts
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    This is the first mod |Ive seen Al Chestbreach do that I stopped so it wouldnt be ruined for if I can just find my DLC disc....
  11. CrazyItalianB
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    ive taken a huge break for a year or two came back now this mod crashes game every time I start the quest, some times I can take two steps some times not. can anyone recommend what I should do?

    and again please and thank you.
    1. CrazyItalianB
      • member
      • 8 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I have fose and the downloader and the full game but it acts like I need something else..

      other then the crashes its a very dam good mod that I think all should try