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Adds three new raider factions, replacing the vanilla stock in several locations.

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In a Nutshell
This Mod adds three unique raider gangs, to the wasteland, replacing the original raiders in a few locations.

Something that really bothered me about the vanilla game was how the raiders are all exactly the same, their bases and locations all look the same, have the same style of decoration, even though they are supposed to be independent gangs. The result was whenever I entered a raider inhabited area, I just get the feeling 'another generic raider encounter'.
After playing the game Rage, one thing that really stood out was the various bandit clans, each one with its own unique character. I decided to try and take that element and bring it to Fallout 3.

The Three gangs added in this mod are:

The Grinders
Militaristic gang with a preference for automatic weapons. Main base at Wheaton Armory, which has had a makeover, including 2 new interior cells. Grinders can be found in the surrounding areas, also replacing the raiders at the Friendship station to the south.
Their are three types of Grinder, the Grunt, the Shotgunner and the Heavy (see pics)
They also have 2 new weapons (in stats only) the 5mm Assault Rifle and SMG, compared to the originals, they do slightly less damage, have a faster rate of fire, larger ammo capacity and increased spread.
Mark their territory with target dummies.

The Bloodthirsters
Violent, Cruel, Depraved, Satanic Cultish. Focused on melee combat and a love of anything sharp. Based in the Cliffside Cavern, East of Tenpenny Tower. The interior has been changed to be more fitting.
Their are 2 types, the basic bloodthirster, with either Metal armor or Painspike (with a blood soaked retex) And the Bloodthirster Beast, bigger and stronger.
Some may spawn with the Impaler Rifle, a railway rifle that shoots 4 spikes in a medium spread, good for crippling limbs, while the rest close in and gut you.
Mark their territory with crucified people

The Shrouded
Smallest of the three gangs, only occupy one location, the satcom array up north (three towers close together) Didn't put as much thought into this group yet, they seem to like to put people in cages.

Important Notes
The stats for the weapons and NPCs are made to be in line with FWE, leaning more towards the harsher settings.
The 5mm Sub Machine Gun is 2 handed

The Grinder armor mesh was derived from Some Metal armor variations by tumbajamba
The Grinder armor texture is from Rusty Metal Armor 1-1 by Vampirecosmonaut (I would recommend this mod for the metal helmet texture)
The Bloodthirsters masks are from Human Skull Masks by Toloc