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Allows player to use eating and drinking animations.

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This mod causes your character to play eating and drinking animations when consuming ingestible items. It won't be compatible with most other mods that affect ingestibles. Compatible files are available for Simple Needs and RI - Primary Needs. FWE users should download Claustromaniac's FWE-compatible version here. Sorry there is no Imp's More Complex Needs compatibility yet. I have been unable to contact Imp to obtain permission. If you know how I can get in touch with him, please let me know.

This mod comes with an extra special bonus mod called A Cuppa Joe. What this extra special mod does is add Hot Coffee to various food vendors throughout the wasteland, finally giving you a reason to visit them when you happen to be in town. Hot Coffee must be consumed immediately (while it's still hot) and gives you the Caffeinated actor effect (+10 AP) for the next 8 hours.

Thanks to hoax2 for Simple Needs!
Thanks to kschenk for RI - Primary Needs!
Special thanks to The3rdType for letting me use the coffee icons from T3T Misc Item Icons!
Thanks to Claustromaniac for making this mod FWE-friendly!