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Fixes various issues with Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3

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Just a collection of various fixes relating to the three Creature compaions: Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3.


- Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 all have ridiculous amounts of health when Broken Steel is installed

- Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 do not level with the player at all if Broken Steel is not installed

- If RL-3 becomes frenzied it is impossible to unfrenzy him

- Dogmeat's death will reset variables, making it as though you have no companions even if you have another one

- Fawkes is unable to use the unique variants of weapons he could otherwise use, e.g. Eugene vs the normal Minigun

- Fawkes cannot use any Broken Steel specific weapons like the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle or the DLC-specific Super Sledge

- Dialog with Fawkes will behave oddly if you leave him in Vault 87 and return after escaping Raven Rock

- Fawkes will not appear outside Raven Rock if you rescue him but do not talk to him after doing so


- Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 have all been adjusted so that their health scales at a more reasonable rate with their level

- The aforementioned health scaling with level also applies without Broken Steel

- RL-3's combat inhibitor health and frenzy status will be reset at the end of combat

- Dogmeat's death will only alter the variable tracking if he is hired, not the variable tracking if you have a humanoid companion

- Fawkes' useable weapon list has been updated to include the Unique variants of all weapons he could normally use, such as Eugene and Vengeance

- With Broken Steel installed, Fawkes can use any weapon useable by Super Mutant Overlords, including the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle.  This list has also been expanded to include Uniques and so on

- The quest responsible for Fawkes' dialog while inside Vault 87 will be restarted (thus re-enabling the dialog) if you return without freeing him

- The script which moves Fawkes does a better job of tracking if he has been let out of his cell, and will move him for the Raven Rock escape even if you skip talking to him after freeing him


There are two versions of the ESP included in the download: one for users with Broken Steel, and one without.  Use only one ESP.

Previously, the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch did not include any of the fixes in this mod, particularly including health scaling.  This has since changed, so this mod would seem to be unnecessary if you are running UUFO3P.

Also on the topic of the health scaling, I have set the upper boundary on level for Dogmeat, Fawkes, and RL-3 to 100 to support mods which increase the player level cap.  This does not mean that they will actually level up to 100, as their level is directly tied to player level; without any other modifications the maximum level for these companions is still 20 (30 with Broken Steel).  However, if you install a mod which raises your level cap then these companions will keep up.