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Stops certain Companions from saying things that make no sense given the current circumstances

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I love the detail Bethesda went to when it made the Fallout 3 companions.  Each one has a fair bit of random chatter which is interesting to listen to, or at the very least provides some depth to the character.  Unfortunately, some of what can be said may make no sense given the circumstances.  Specifically:

- Jericho will complain about not having cigarettes even if he is currently carrying some

- Jerchio will complain about the collar on his armor being too tight even if he's wearing his default armor

- Clover will wonder what Eulogy is doing even if he's dead

- Clover will say "Eulogy wants this one's head" when in combat even while she is your Companion (and Eulogy is very, very far away)

- Butch complains about needing Sunglasses even if he actually has Sunglasses

I've added conditions to all of the above dialog which limits it to being said only when appropriate, e.g. Butch will shut up about Sunglasses if you give him some, Jericho won't complain about not having cigarettes when he's carrying some.