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Changes Butch's 10mm Pistol so that it doesn't use ammo, just like every other companion weapon

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Sometimes it's the little things that get me.  In this case, it's Butch's 10mm Pistol: why is it that out of all the companion weapons in the game, his is the only one that requires ammo?  I mean, not that a 10mm Pistol is amazingly powerful exactly, but it still seems odd to single him out of all companions to not have an infinite ammo ranged weapon.

Anyway, I decided to even things out.  Butch's 10mm Pistol now runs off of a non-playable type of ammo, meaning it won't deplete as he uses it.


I've added code to Butch's NPC script so that upon loading his 3d data he'll be given some of the new type of ammo (5.56mm robot, specifically) if he doesn't have any.  There's also code added to the weapon itself which performs this check whenever you access a loading screen or pause the game, so long as Butch is nearby.  Bottom line: at worst you will have to set Butch to wait somewhere, walk off, then walk back if he is currently your follower, assuming he doesn't get the right ammo the moment you load up a save.