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Fixes a few minor issues in Vault 106: every insane survivor looking the same, hallucination NPCs not having the correct facial features and/or hair, hallucinations persisting past when the hallucination is supposed to end, hallucinations effects continuing outside Vault 106, and hallucinations still happening when the Makeshift Gas Mask is worn.

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UPDATE: Altered how the Insane Survivors are randomized, as it turns out they were intended to be all male based on their special dialog (it's only available for male NPCs).  Also cleaned up a few more bugs

UPDATE 2.1: Reuploaded the file as a 7zip archive rather than normal ZIP, as people were having issues extracting for some reason.
Just a few fixes for some random issues I noticed in Vault 106.  In no particular order...


- The Insane Survivors all have the exact same face and skin color, just different hair and facial hair.

- Most hallucination NPCs don't have the correct faces.  For example, Amata's face and hair are completely wrong, and Dad's face is the default Caucasian model instead of matching the face and race of the player.

- Hallucination NPCs can persist after the hallucination effect is gone

- The hallucination involving 3 copies of Dad will not end if the player kills at least 1 while disabling the other 2 before they reach their destinations (inside rooms)

- The above mentioned hallucination also ends whenever one reaches their destination, not when all three do as intended

- The hallucination involving one copy of Dad walking into a room is triggered so early that it is likely not to be seen

- The aforementioned hallucination of Dad can walk the wrong way and thus not end until the player interacts with them

- The hallucination that places you in a pristine copy of a vault hallway will trigger before the player actually enters the hallway, or even opens the door to the hallway

- The doors in said hallway hallucination also do not sync with the real ones, meaning you can open doors in the hallucination and find that the real doors were somehow not opened while you were tripping balls

- The player's placement in the hallway hallucination does not even remotely match their relative position in the real world hallway, making the transition highly jarring

- Most hallucinations are not set up to recognize that the player is wearing the Makeshift Gas Mask, and will trigger even when it is worn

- The Makeshift Gas Mask will permanently apply the hallucination tint to the screen if it is worn and then removed

- Wearing the Makeshift Gas Mask in the middle of a hallucination will not cause it to clear

- Insane Survivors have special attack dialog (actually screaming) which is meant to play, but doesn't due to voice and quest priority issues

- Insane Survivors will randomly say things during combat that sound, well, not insane

- Insane Survivors will attack hallucinations

- "Killing" hallucinations will grant positive or negative Karma, even though they disappear immediately


- Insane Survivors have been flagged so that they will vary in race, and facial makeup, using the base attributes of the list they pull from.  To better differentiate them this list has also been changed from a Raider list to a custom list

- All hallucination NPCs inherit their face directly from the real NPC, e.g. Amata's face and hair are set to match whatever normal Amata's face and hair are set to.  Additionally, the Dad hallucinations have been scripted to match the facial structure and race of the player by 50%, same as the real Dad NPC

- All hallucination NPCs are scripted to disappear the moment the hallucination blue tint is removed

- The "3 Dads Walking" hallucination has been adjusted to account for all possible methods of disabling or removing the hallucination NPCs

- The "3 Dads Walking" hallucination will also wait until all 3 Dads have disappeared (in one way or the other) before clearing the hallucination tint

- The trigger for the "1 Dad Walking" hallucination has been moved halfway down the stairs, making it much more likely that the player will actually see the hallucination

- The hallucinatory Dad in the "1 Dad Walking" hallucination will be disabled if he walks too far in the wrong direction

- The hallway hallucination trigger has been moved well on the other side of the door, making it impossible to trigger it before you have opened the door and entered the hallway proper

- The doors in the hallway now sync between the hallucination and the real world; activating a hallucination doorway also activates it in the real world

- The player is now moved dynamically, factoring in their current location in the real hallway when deciding where to place them in the hallucination hallway, and vice versa

- All hallucinations have now been set up to account for the Makeshift Gas Mask, and will not trigger if it is being worn by the player

- The Makeshift Gas Mask no longer applies the hallucination blue tint when it is worn and then removed

- All hallucinations are set up to clear if the player wears the Makeshift Gas Mask during the hallucination.  This includes the hallway hallucination: in that case the player will be placed back in the real world version of the hallway or room

- The special Insane Survivor dialog quest has been increased in priority so that it plays instead of standard attack dialog, and another entry has been added for the PowerAttack event as well

- Extra dialog options have been added for Insane Survivors which prevent them from saying things which don't sound like they're nuts

- Hallucinations have been marked as allied with Insane Survivors so that they will only attack the Player and not hallucinations

- All friendly hallucinations have been marked as Essential so that karma and XP awards are not given for killing them