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Face retexture for female characters that adds some much needed beautification to FO3\'s \"Plain Jane\" type females.

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Josef Grey's Makeup Face Retexture v1.03


-v1.01: Edited the lipstick shape; Remade the highlights and specular map of the lips for a more realistic shine and added texture. In addition, the normal map is now DXT5 for a higher quality specular map.

-v1.02: Added the specular map to headhumanf10_n.dds. The specular highlights (lipstick shine) will now work properly for all presets. Thanks to shodan44 at fallout3nexus.com for figuring out how to correct this error. If updating from v1.01, don't forget to add the new line to your archiveinvalidation.txt file.

-v1.03: Repainted the lips entirely in both the diffuse and specular maps for a much more realistic look. The face texture has been enlarged to 2048x2048 resolution and edited for improved quality. Note that the included PSD file is 1024x1024.


This mod is a face retexture for female characters that
adds some much needed beautification to FO3's "Plain Jane" type females.

The textures add the following:
- Better eyebrows
- Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
- Lip gloss


Fallout 3's Face Gen system WILL change the color of the makeup within this texture once applied (it's a somewhat slight change, but it's there), mainly due to the tints that it applies to the character's skin. This is currently UNAVOIDABLE and can only be worked around by either adjusting your character's skin tone or by editing the color of the makeup. For example, on my character the makeup in the .dds I've included looks more reddish, whereas it is more a purple-ish hue when looking at it in the .dds file. Another factor that comes into play with this is the nature of the DXT compression for making the .dds file. It tends to lose color information when saving.

To facilitate anyone's desire to change the color of the makeup to better fit their liking, I've included the .PSD (photoshop document) that I painted the texture in. I have set it up so that the user can change the hues of the makeup easily by simply adjusting the hue of the proper layer. Please note that this isn't at all necessary, but I just want to give people the option to do so.


I've decided to make this mod use-able for anything, no permission required. Have fun with it!


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