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Stops Protectrons from repeatedly asking for Military/Office/Worker IDs, ensures Metro Protectrons will only ask for another ticket after you leave the area for an extended period of time.

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Ever wonder why some Protectrons ask for some kind of ID or a ticket, then ask for one maybe five minutes later without you even leaving the room?  Turns out it's a bug.  I know, a Bethesda game with a bug, shocking.  Still, it's there.  Short version: there's a variable set that's meant to stop the Protectron from checking once it takes a ticket/ID from you, but the conditions for it make it check (and keep taking one item from your inventory) so long as you have the appropriate ticket/ID.  Baaaaaaaaad.

Of course, that's not the only bug with the whole system.  Each Protectron has a script which specifically resets the aforementioned tracking variable whenever you leave the area long enough for it to de-render.  The intent is that the Metro Protectrons will need to get another ticket from you after you've left the area for a while, which makes sense.  The problem is, that same script also resets the variables for all other Protectrons, including ones who check IDs.  Unlike Metro Tickets, which can be found randomly in containers or on enemies, all IDs in the game are placed specifically, meaning there is a limited amount.  You cannot find Military, Office, or Worker IDs in any containers or on any defeated enemies.  Each ID has a corresponding bot it's meant to let you get past.  It makes no sense for them to check it, take it away, then ask for another.


First off, all appropriate ID-checking dialog options have had conditions added to them to account for your ID/Ticket already being taken and checked.  If a Protectron has already taken your ID/Ticket and the "accepted a ticket" variable hasn't reset, the dialog option will not take another item from you.  This means Metro Protectrons will only try to take another Ticket from you after you've left the area for a while, rather than five minutes after you last talked to them.

Secondly, the script which resets the "accepted a ticket" variable after you've left the area has been altered.  Now it will only reset that variable for Metro Protectrons.  All other Protectrons will not reset that variable.  This means that, for example, when the Protectron in the Super Duper Mart takes your Employee ID off of you, it will consider you non-hostile for the rest of the game.  You will not have to worry about coming back there several days later and having it freak out because you don't have another ID on you.