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  1. KresoX
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    Actually I haven't seen most of the mod yet (I guess) but I have to say that the connection between Grayditch and the Citadel, including the modifications of the parking lot next to the Citadel, is absolutely fenomenal. It was really amazing to go through and reach Citadel in no time - I think that no-fast-travel players like me definitely appreciate any such no-cheat realistic shortcuts. The new building south of Grayditch is unfortunately the opposite - doesn't really fit there and is full of big holes where the parts of the structure weren't aligned well so one can see inside as if it were a cartboard box. Don't know about the rest of the mod, haven't seen it.

    If the mod author just made Grayditch-Citadel-Citadel's parking lot into a separate mod that would be one of the best world edits on FO3 Nexus ever.

    And I see a lot of whining down there in the older comments, about the missing objects; jeez just open console, click on the exclamation mark, enter "disable", close console and that's it. It takes like 3 seconds to remove an unwanted object.
  2. ZomTroz
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    Would be great, if the dont modify LOD settings
  3. liamnotneeson
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    I'm getting the names of all these locations in Portuguese. Is anyone else having this problem? I had to uninstall, bothered me too much
  4. sandman5
    • member
    • 583 posts
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    why would you include assets from NV? that is just plan silly, there is plenty of free no strings models on the web for such things. i know enough about the g.e.c.k. to remove the references, but why should i have to?
  5. Asuke01
    • member
    • 867 posts
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    it seems like there's no firetruckwreck.nif is missing from dazzcarz3\firetruck\firetruckwreck.nif mate. still, it's quite a good mod.
  6. SaoMan64
    • member
    • 60 posts
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    Can you make this into a version where you don't have to have Fallout NV resources, since this is for Fallout 3?
  7. ju87gstukas
    • member
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    Where might I find the textures and meshes for the police car?
    1. falloutpc
      • member
      • 258 posts
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      You would have to extract them from FNV and place them in the FO3 game folders with FOMM. They could not include them because of copyright reasons. Instructions are in the description.
  8. falloutpc
    • member
    • 258 posts
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    Love this mod. Too bad the plans for the mall area were not finished.
  9. wilk7486
    • member
    • 105 posts
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    It's not working for me. Instead of new things, I've got only red triangles with exclamation points.
    1. Dauntless07
      • member
      • 89 posts
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      Yeah, the description explains you have to take the Patrol Car assets from Fallout New Vegas; otherwise you'll see ! where the cars are supposed to be; which begs the question...

      Will a download for people who don't own Fallout New Vegas, (me,) ever be a thing?
  10. georgethg
    • member
    • 889 posts
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    Will this conflict with DCInteriors?


    I am probably the 10th person to ask this
    Does this mod conflict with DCInteriors?

    in Spanish using Google
    hace este conflicto con DCInteriors?????????????

    edit: nvm found the answer on page2 -.-

    which page 2??     
    1. MaeseAtorrante
      • member
      • 1,246 posts
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      It is compatible.