Fallout 3

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A very large story-based quest mod with two large new worldspaces, 50 new interior cells, new items and models and over 4500 lines of dialogue.

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What is Alien Resurrection Part 1?

Alien Resurrection part 1 is a very large quest mod with a detailed storyline involving exploration and puzzle-solving. There are two large new worldspaces to explore and over 50 new interior cells. The mod is dialogue-heavy and in fact includes more than 4500 lines of new dialogue (not voiced).

Characters undertaking this extensive journey across the Wasteland and beyond must be skilled investigators! (In other words, lock-picking, hacking and general observation skills will definitely be your friends in this mod!)

Whilst this is not an especially combat-orientated mod, I would definitely not recommend it to low-level Lone Wanderers. In addition, since the mod assumes a reasonable familiarity with the Wasteland, I would not recommend it to players who are new to the game.


(I have primarily designed this mod for players like myself; that is to say, players who like to take their time and immerse themselves in a story and who don't mind having to work out for themselves how to proceed. The quest updates are very basic and there are no quest markers. I have provided a comprehensive guide for anyone that gets stuck!)

The Story

About 30 seconds after loading the mod, you should receive a message (just as with the Bethesda DLCs), in this case informing you that Seagrave Holmes in Rivet City has received a new shipment of goods.

Upon investigating the shipment, you will find that Seagrave has got hold of an interesting item. The story, in a nutshell, involves following the lead of this item and infiltrating a Talon Company base. What are Talon Company planning? Only by gaining the trust of the senior figures in the base can you begin to uncover their master plan.

There are six main quests including the main story itself; in addition there are unmarked side quests and side-stories to uncover.


(I have tried to create a highly-detailed and lore-friendly mod that has the feel of the original game and which I hope integrates seamlessly with it. As an example of the scale of the mod, there are nearly 250 notes to be found on terminals, in holotapes, etc.)


Needs all five official dlcs.


Unpack the zip file and copy the files therein to the corresponding locations within your fallout3/data/ folder.


The changes made in Alien Resurrection Part 1 are mostly stand-alone and the mod should be compatible with most other mods. The mod does add an effect to the Queen Ant Pheromones: if you attempt to advance Surgeon Peters' quest using the pheromones and find that they are not working, please check to ensure that you have no other mod active that also alters the pheromones.

Please do not take non-standard followers into the Talon Company base. I have had some problems with non-standard followers being identified as hostile and proceeding to kill everyone in there, which of course terminates the quest!

A conflict has been found between this mod and Shadows and Dust vol 2: 'Mama Dolce's Warehouse' in this mod uses the same building as 'Mixing Station' in Shadows and Dust. A compatibility patch is available: ensure that the patch esp comes below Shadows and Dust vol 2 in your load order.

A conflict with Prisoners of the Underworld has been found: Mister Sweet may be killed if you are using that mod.

A conflict has also been found with the Citadel Redesign Project mod: if you are using that mod, please ensure that Alien Resurrection comes below it in your load order.


I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in user-testing: