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Traversing the capital wasteland will feel desolate, bleak and unforgiving as you cling on to survival.
Over 4 hours of original compositions to enhance your Fallout experience.

Permissions and credits
Digital Nightmare - Music Overhaul

Traversing the capital wasteland will feel desolate and unforgiving.
Exploring dark underground interiors will put you on edge
Battles will seem more threatening and dangerous, you are fighting for survival.
Public settlements where the last bastions of civilization are holed up will emit an atmosphere of bleak existence.

Welcome to Digital Nightmare

Over 4 hours of new material that I have specially composed for Fallout to alter the atmosphere of the game to a darker tone.
The pack consists of heavy industrial battles, dark tribal rhythms for public settlements and dark ambient soundscapes for exploration.
All the tracks have been composed and recorded by myself for Fallout.

I begun this project, because as great as the original FO3 soundtrack is, it gets a little repetitive once you've played the game for so many hours.

I have uploaded an optional non replacer version, that just expands the exploration, public, base and dungeon tracks without replacing vanilla music.
This pack does not contain any battle tracks because I don't think the vanilla battle music will mix well with mine.
There is also an optional battle music pack, so you can choose to replace the battle music with mine, or just replace the battle music.


Music track examples :

Public areas, camps.
Public Areas



Included in the package at this moment :

18 Heavy industrial battle tracks
9 Military base tracks
17 Dungeon tracks
10 Public area tracks
26 Exploration tracks

0.7 Update
New dungeon and battle tracks (with improved outros) all tracks are now at a higher sample rate of 48khz as opposed to 44.1khz.
0.9 Update
More dungeon variation + tweaks. Explore track tweaks. New battle music.
0.95 Update
3 New explore tracks, 1 new battle track.
Version 1.0 complete is now public!
New settlement music, explore music and completely revamped military base themes!
Optional non-replacer version (Doesn't replace battle music)