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Adds alternate solutions to the Tenpenny Tower quest. You have an opportunity to save the human residents after the ghouls move, or to only assassinate Roy Phillips without harming other Warrington Station residents for the human-only ending. Preserves the original endings rather than overwrite them.

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Tenpenny Tower - Alternate Endings

It's clear from in-game conversations that Roy Phillips is the sole force behind Warrington Station ghouls' violent plans. Unfortunately, the game allows for no compromise - you have to etither kill all the ghouls or suffer worse consequences. This mod makes alterations to the quest that, by taking care of Roy, allow for less violent, yet perfectly sensible resolutions to the story.


Humans only: If you side with Chief Gustavo, you can turn in the quest as soon as you kill Roy Phillips. If you do it out of sight and quietly, they will not turn hostile as they do in the vanilla game.

Lasting peace: If you want both humans and ghouls to live together, you have to let the ghouls move in, but prevent further violence. To get this ending, first convince or force out the residents, then tell Roy Phillips that the ghouls are free to move in, all as in the vanilla game.
Once the ghouls move in, you can get a hint at what happens next by talking to Roy. If you don't take action against him in 2 days, a major character will be dead; this is your second warning and you have a few more days to prevent a lot more characters from being killed.

Radio fixes:
As of 2.1 and 3.0 GNR reporting should take the alternate endings into account.


Install with any manager, like any other mod, at any place in your load order.

There is no need to restart the quest. Both solutions should work at any point, even if you have already killed Roy. However, characters that have been turned hostile by vanilla scripts, moved by them, etc will not revert to friendly and anyone already killed will not be resurrected.
The lasting peace solution should work even if you've already let the ghouls to move in, as long as they haven't killed the residents yet. It should be safe to uninstall this mod as soon as the ghouls have moved in and Roy has been killed.

Compatibility: This mod is compatible with most major mods to Tenpenny Tower, like suites, except mods that alter the same quest. The only one I know of that does is True Peace, and this mod already covers its purpose.

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* Prevents an issue where one or two of the ghouls could move into the tower in the human-only ending
* Allows the player into the tower if they have killed Roy on their own initiative
* Improves some dialogue conditions to better match the actions taken
* Adds some warnings as to Roy's intent after a peaceful solution
* Sets slaughter as two-stage with more time to prevent it

2.1: Corrects GNR reporting of the quest's outcome.
2.0: Includes all features as described above. Also contains tweaks from version 1.0.

1.0: Only supports Chief Gustavo's solution, but it's enough to just kill Roy and not all three ghouls.
Includes three other small tweaks:
* Roy is slightly tougher, so you'll need Sandman or a sneak attack to take him down silently
* Roy's Alignment is set to neutral, so killing him doesn't impose a significant karma penalty
* It's possible to sleep on a patient bed in the back of the Tower's clinic (useful if you don't have the suite yet)
0.99 (Minimal): Only changes the completion conditions for Chief Gustavo's solution.

Optional File - Disable GNR for 2.0: Completely disables GNR reporting. In 2.1 and 3.0 reporting is conditional, so this file will remove it altogether.
All versions have been cleaned.