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A Small Vault Containing A Unique Weapon To Help You On Your Way And Eventually A Huge Story, Hidden Inside Rockopolis.
(This Is My First Custom Building Mod) (Not Fully Finish Let Me Know If You Would Want To see This Finished)

Permissions and credits
***After Months Of Waiting (No One Was) This Project Is Back In Active Development! New Version Soon!***
The Basics! :

In The Wastes, Merchants Talk Of An Unfound Vault Containing Wonders Of The Pre-War Era. Many Say That The Vaults Treasures Sit Untouched By Time. Many Say That The Vault Never Opened For The People Who Where Told To Go There In The Event The Bombs Fell, Leaving Them To Wander The Wastes Alone, Irradiated And Unable To Believe The Lies Vault-Tec Had Sold To Them And Whether This Was The Case With The Other Vaults Across The Country. They Set Out To Find the Answer To This Question, Although Many Of Them Did Not.

Bethesda best not include a vault 54 in fallout 4 ^^

Hidden Within Rockopolis (See Pictures For Better Details)

(The Vault Has Not Been Fully Finished I Would Like To See What People Think Of The Vault So Far
And If You Would Like To See This Finished)

Future Plans:
-Expand The Vault With Multiple Rooms/Floors
-Add A Metric F*ck-Ton To The Vault
-Add Better Connection To World Spaces
-A Story Line To Follow But No Quest Marker, A Story For Adventures To Find Out! ;) 
-Custom Loot In General!
-Nav meshed So Np's Can be Encountered
^^ Should Be Fun To Learn :D

Extract to the main fallout 3 data directory (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonFallout 3 gotyData
(Might be different if not purchased through steam)

Message Me About Any Bugs, Crashes, Or Glitches