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Collect all that valuable technology just laying around the wastelands.

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Due to a widening divide I find myself having with the MZC community and ever growing disdain for the in game politics of the faction, this mod, as well as my other mzc works are to be considered on hiatus until further notice.
I'll still be reading comments and providing support, but no work will be done for the time being.

Ever felt bad about the fact that you're essentially forced to abandon almost anything that's not valuable to the average, nearly illiterate wastelander?
Indeed, if you couldn't eat it, get messed up on it, kill with it, or protect yourself from being killed with it, your character was probably uninterested in it. No longer.

This lets you collect some of those shards of civilization that most don't see value in, then trade them in for TSC credits. Just follow the chain of command and hand them to a councilor, and they'll move it on down the line.
Most can be found from the start of the game, long before you start the TSC or even set foot on Zeta.

Additionally, this mod will give you a new town, a few new camps, let you get perks in reasonable ways, and dabble in extraterrestrial surgery.

What's new in version 6?

In addition to your standard assortment of new items to turn in, both vanilla and new, two new areas are now available.
The Terran National Library, which brings with it ability to turn in most types of books at the major settlements.
The thawed quarters. That's right, a lot of those people from the captive logs can now be thawed out, and have their own little place to stay.

This version also adds in 4 perks. The ability to buy adamantium skeleton, a (hopefully) now functional mirelurk ecology, and the pip-boy lingual and medical modules make a return from Fallout 2.