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Opens up the previously inaccessible Halls of Today wing in the museum of technology. Adding in some of the things mentioned in the exhibit guide terminal entries, such as the robotics and transportation exhibits.

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This is my first Mod, and originally made for myself, however after so much time spent on making it and tweaking it to get it feeling right, I thought I may as well upload it so others can try it.

Updated- Made a few corrections, added a few more bits.

This mod adds 4 new cells in the museum of technologys Halls of Today wing. All designed according to information found in the terminal entries, to be lore friendly and fit in with the atmosphere of the rest of the museum.
.Includes the robotics and transportation exhibits
.See the first steam powered car
.Walk through the two story mock fusion reactor
.See the Darwin theate, where West Tek was to demonstrate the T-51b.

Most of the exhibits have information taken from fallout lore or real life, so you might even learn something.

Fully Navmeshed
Like the rest of the museum, these areas are occupied by super mutants.
Just put the esp into data folder, the folder named Museum Meshes into the meshes folder and Museum Textures into texture folder.

This is my first proper attempt at creating a mod, so I would welcome any feedback.
I would also like to say thanks to Prensa, who helped me out when I posted questions on the forums.