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This mod enables fast-traveling to ANY point on the world-map - you will no longer be limited to marked, discovered locations. Pressing a hotkey will display the current world-map on your HUD, where you can select your destination. The restrictions on fast-traveling will apply here, as well: The journey will consume time; You will not be able to fast travel while over-encumbered, during combat, from indoors, and so forth.
Moreover, your journey may be interrupted somewhere en route by a random encounter with enemies.

Using Fast-Travel Anywhere

  • Press the Map Hotkey ('M' by default) to show/hide the map. Note that this will not work while the game is paused (menus are open).
  • (Optional) Press the Markers Hotkey ('L' by default) to show/hide map markers of selected locations, which can be used for better orientation. Note that this feature is only available for the DC wasteland map (DLC maps are small enough to not require it).
  • Use the mouse to move the cursor over the map to your desired destination, click 'Attack/Fire' to confirm and you will fast-travel there.

Pressing SHIFT + Map Hotkey will open the mod's control-panel, where various settings can be configured.

Random Encounters
When fast-travelling using FTA, there is a chance that, somewhere along the road, your party will be ambushed by enemies.
  • The location of the ambush, the type of enemies and their number, are completely random.
  • The farther the destination, the more likely you are to encounter enemies.
  • The level of enemies encountered is proportional to your own level.
  • Random encounters can occur only in the DC wasteland.

Encounter settings (accessible via the control-panel)
Encounter Chance:
  • Calculated for every 1 mile of travel distance. For instance, if set to 30% - when travelling 1.5 miles, the encounter chance is 45%; Setting it to 0% will effectively disable random-encounters.
Encounter Difficulty:
  • Very Easy - Top tier enemies will not be encountered; Gang sizes decreased by 50%.
  • Easy - Top tier enemies will not be encountered; Normal gang sizes.
  • Normal - Enemies of all tiers may be encountered; Normal gang sizes.
  • Hard - Lower tier enemies will not be encountered; Normal gang sizes.
  • Very Hard - Lower tier enemies will not be encountered; Gang sizes increased by 50%.
  • Player's Level - The difficulty level will be automatically and dynamically adjusted, according to the player's level.

  • The red marker on the map indicates your current location. You are also informed of the distance to the destination (you'll be amazed how small the map really is), as well as the time it would take to travel there.
  • The mod currently supports the Capital Wasteland, The Pitt and Point Lookout maps only.
  • Fast-Travel Anywhere means, literally, ANYWHERE. This includes locations on the map you are not supposed to be able to reach, outside the playable map, where there is nothing but blank terrain. It is safe (albeit completely pointless) to travel there, if you are feeling curious.
  • There is one exception to the above: You will not be able to use FTA to travel to/from pocket-worldspaces (i.e. worldspaces that have a parent worldspace, and do not have their own world-map). For instance, you cannot use FTA from any DC locations to travel to other locations on the map. Similarly, you cannot use FTA to travel to DC locations - you will end up in a patch of empty landscape, surrounded by dummy buildings. This limitation is due to the way the mod works, and may change in future updates.
  • Though the mod is stable and there are no issues I had encountered during my testing, I consider it to be at a beta stage since, understandably, I did not test it with every possible location on the map(s). There may be unexpected glitches/errors (other than those already mentioned) when traveling to certain locations. Please report if you happen to find any. Also, the first rule of using the vanilla fast-travel system applies here, as well: Save the game first!



Using either the Nexus Mod Manager, or the Fallout Mod Manager:
Install in exactly the same way you would install any other mod. If prompted to overwrite existing files, be sure to select 'Yes to All'.

Install manually:
1. Extract the contents of the .zip file into your Fallout 3 'Data' folder.
2. Locate 'jipfta_fo3_hud.exe' (in the 'Data' folder), run it, then press 'a'.
3. Lastly, open what mod manager you use and make sure “JIP Fast-Travel Anywhere.esp” is ticked.