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I've been cycling through different ENB presets for Fallout 3 for a long time now, and I never quite found one that was just perfect for me, so I set out to make my own, which is the product before you. My main issue with other ENBs is that since I use Fellout and Enhanced Weather, my skies always looked either too bright or too washed out, because the values weren't originally edited for use with those mods. I also toned the bloom down a bit, just a personal preference.

Created for use in conjunction with Fellout and Enhanced Weather Rain and Snow:

I also recommend NMC's texture packs, they really amp up the realism:

Armor my character wears is from Scavenger Armors by tumbajamba

Different pipboy texture is from Blue Pipboy Deluxe Update 3 by iPlayboy

For my screenshots, I have BA wasteland restoration mod installed, with some of the included grass and tree textures edited to my personal preference. I won't be uploading those textures, as I don't have the time, nor the permission. Here's the original:

Multicolored sunsprite from ENHANCED SHADERS - ENB 173 by tapioks - if it's an issue that I borrowed this please let me know, I will change it to an original one if I have to, I just really like this one. :)


Extract archive in FO3 main folder. Deactivate hardware AA and Water Displacement. Set in-game brightness to lowest setting. Enjoy.

I also recommend you check out some of Midhras's INI file tweaks, specifically for gorgeous grass. You can find these tweaks and a lot more information (and an amazing enb preset, I might add) here:

Thanks for checking this out, if you like it, be sure to endorse, and leave some screenshots!

Special thanks to Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB, he deserves all the praise, since he did all the hard work.