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countfuzzball - based on the mod by Yukichigai

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Fixes bugs in Yukichigai's Mesmetron and Enslavement Fixes mod.

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Update 2015:

Yukichigai has incorporated and improved upon some of the ideas that this mod created into his original enslavement fixes mod.
Additionally his mod has also been incorporated into the Updated Unofficial Patch since version 1.7.

Updated unofficial patch:

Yukichgai's enslavement and mesmotron fixes:


About the mod:

This mod is an overhaul of Yukichigai's Mesmetron and Enslavement Fixes mod, that fixes a few additional bugs with the vanilla scripts as
well as a few of his own that crept in when trying to make the slaves stay in the slavehouse.

This mod does not require FOSE.

Fixes in the mod:

Slaves keep their normal dialogue after being freed (Thanks to Yukichigai)

No more crashes when removing the collar (Thanks to Yukichigai)

Grouse keeps track of slaves if they actually died (Thanks to Yukichigai)

Generic slaves no longer endlessly roam the wastes trying to find Paradise Falls.

Grouse still keeps track of dead slaves after the first time the slave dies and thus correctly autogreets the player.

Respawning faction members are dealt with properly.
Respawning wastelanders/BOS/Talon/Raiders/Regulators are identified based on faction, then killed when they leave the cell and
sent to a location in the game world, so they can respawn 3 days later.

Grouse no longer rewards the player multiple times for the same slave caught.

Slaves now get removed all in a batch at once 24 hours from when the last slave was caught.
This includes the slaves for the Strictly Business quest too.

Grouse does not complain at you multiple times for a dead slave.

I can be reached on the nexus forums/fallout 3/oblivion nexus as countfuzzball.
Questions and comments are more than appreciated.

Update 14/11/2013: Version 2.3 has been released.
Fixed a bug where if a slave died (gets shot by you in VATS, steps on a mine, etc), Grouse would still pay you anyway.

Update 11/11/2013: Version 2.2 has been released.
Fixed the crashes and bugs with the respawning factions (finally) and heavily commented the code.