About this mod

Add Chimeric Item And Deep Dungeon.

Permissions and credits

Version: 0.89c WIP
Date: 2015/12/27

--Info for old ver users----

Old version (~0.2) users will recommend redo again from scratch.
And Delete the BSA file(CHAOTIC SUN.bsa) when you update.

Step1: Uninstall this Mod (CHAOTIC SUN.esm and CHAOTIC SUN.bsa)
Step2: Start the game and save. And then exits.
Step3: Again install and play.


Version 0.89c (2015/12/27) 

<Add> "Creature Rush Mode", Unbreakable Town 3F

Version 0.89b (2015/11/18) 

<Fix> Some minor bugs
<Fix> ****REMOVE Followers Number Limit****, but Cell Load Re-spawn Enhanced
<Add> Some Items

Version 0.89a (2015/11/07)

<Fix> Small bugs, Tweaks some Textures, Meshes

Version 0.89 (2015/11/03) 

<Fix> Game balance, Many bugs 
<Fix> ****Number limit of the original followers. Android: 1  Guardian: 1****
<Add> Add new items (Include MANY MANY weapons! please buy in "Talking Vending Machine LV3")
<Add> New Creature and New World "Pain Street"  


* Fallout3 ALL DLC

* Fallout Script Extender (FOSE)


Supported by RH_IronSights - FOSE


This Mod adds many new items and Deep dungeon.
Ver0.89c, Over 200 Cells and 6 Small World Space !!
Sorry, English is not a native language.
Quest and dialog is poor, but the fight is the main!
Start location

FOMM or Mod Organizer strongly recommended.
**This Mod does NOT change the vanilla system.**
**This Mod does NOT overwrite other Mod files.**

[size=8pt]Under Barrel Weapons[/size](Grenade launcher,Plasma Grenade, EMP Grenade,Shotgun...etc)

Did you get a new weapon?
This icon means that the secondary weapon is available.
Trigger Y key

Grenade launcher: 40mm grenade 1
Plasma grenade launcher: Micro fusion cell 5~
EMP grenade launcher: Micro fusion cell 3~
Master key(Shotgun): Shotgun shell 1
Laser shotgun: Electron charge pack 1
Electric shot: Shotgun shell 1
Dragon Breath: Shotgun shell 1
Cryo Laser: Micro fusion cell 6
Lift Blast shot: Micro fusin cell 3
Flash Light: No Cost
..and more

[size=8pt]Armor Extension[/size](EMP,HIT,Restore-field...)

Did you find a rare armor?
This icon means that the Armor Extension is available.
Trigger U key

HIT: Flamer fuel 25
EMP: Electron charge Pack 25
Lyzer: Electron charge Pack 25
Lift Blast: Electron charge Pack 20
Restore-Field: Electron charge Pack 25
Abilitie Super Boost: Electron charge Pack 25
..and more

[size=8pt]Creature Summoning System[/size]
You may find Medal from the container and booty.
Let's go to the unbreakable town 3F.
Medal and many have caps, you can summon a powerful guardian.
Version 0.89 in 7 creatures.

[size=8pt]Cell Load Re-spawn[/size]
Many of the dungeon enemy randomly will re-spawn when the you enter.
And in it include a unique creature.
If your followers are two or more people, there is a possibility that the formidable enemy to spawn in multiple.
Please enjoy a Battle royal...
Many Ghast are waiting for you in the Catacombs.
Geofront and Abandoned Mines is a dangerous area.

[size=8pt]A Breakable Objects[/size]
Many breakable object in "Chaotic Sun" Mod.
Pillars and walls, bottles, plastic tank, mirror, concrete blocks, wood, barrel, console...etc
I like to break the office pillars in the minigun.

Do not know the way home?
Belongings is heavy, it is not possible to move?
Weapons and bullets and medicine do you running low?
These objects will help your adventure.

Drop box
Talking vending machine


*Recommend PC Lv15~

*Talking vending machine is Cell load re-spawn,and sell original Equipment and, the Vanilla Variant Equipment.

*Android update module, works well when to have its followers.

*Dart gun is not a cheat weapon anymore.
Normal enemies die if you shoot. However, might you be struggling to unique creature.
Unique creature is regeneration, sometimes attack attribution disabling or absorb !
You attack the weaknesses in formidable enemy. Under Barrel Weapon(Armor Extension) is useful.
General Robot : EMP, Electric
FEV Subject, Feral Ghoul Vetala : Fire

*Recommend FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition
This Mod's weapon damage is base on FWE!


Hair Pack Ren, idkrrr, Kozaburo, Yoshikinakota
Eyelashes Fallout 3 throttlekitty
Head Fixes throttlekitty
AR20 FAR - Modder Resource Blindshooter, bunsaki
Classic Advanced Power Armor Omage, HAL9000, Latexschlampe
Monster Costumes gorow333
Creature Resources and Mods CIB
New creatures resource tumbajamba
Rats and Pigs Andersh

[size=12]Shortest Route[/size]