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*.*. This mod is no longer being updated. A minimal Fallout New Vegas version is out and you can find it at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37501 .*.*

Version 6.1
A Fallout 3 Realistic Destroyable Environments Mod

Author/Creator Credit to SP (aka bigkid7834).
Partial Credit to Skykappa, Max Hardmen, lugaruclone, and ElminsterAU.
Testing Credit to Biblost.
Both Types of credit to ANG3Looo.

A grand total of... 735 objects!
With tens-of-thousands of references!

1.) Introduction
2.) Install
3.) Release Notes
4.) In More Depth
5.) In More Depth - DLC
6.) Bugs / Fixes
7.) Recommendations / Personal Notes / Trouble Shooting
8.) Legal/Contact

** Destruction.esm must be activated for using either Regular or Fook2 version **
** Lights and Doors have been disabled in this release, I PLAN to add this back in with 6.2 **
** The Fook2 version was made for 1.0 not 1.1 - use regular Destruction with Fook2 1.1 - Load Destruction higher in order **
** Please only use mirrors if the links here don't work! **

Please at least read the In More Depth and Recommendations sections before activating this mod. All of this stuff is here for a reason.

More of my modifications can be found at http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=173512

1.) Introduction

In a nut shell this is what this mod does, it essentially gives objects a health value. As you shoot the object and it reaches a certain health percentage it will change its looks, explode, or even both. This will help in creating a destroyable environment.

The overall feel for this mod that I'm going for is a very good immersion experience to help provide more realism and entertainment to the Fallout 3 environment.

Most of the time you will not even be able to notice that this mod is working. That's the way I want it. Overall the experience you get from this mod is better combat and more realistic combat that you will be able to better strategize in. It's cool too now be able to kill a raider by shooting the Nuka-Cola vending machine right beside him and have it blow him to pieces. Or to even drop a fission battery on a nearby table and wait for a super-mutant to walk by and have it blow off his arm after only shooting the battery once. Not to mention just being able to see more explosions.

This now will introduce a brand new aspect into the fallout world. You can now turn off of the lights, with your weapons that is. You can now shoot out lights and make the world a little darker. Perfect for all of you stealthy guys out there wanting to sneak up on some raiders. Even sneak through the enclave lines if you so choose. Make sure you keep a silenced pistol with you at all times.

2.) Install

First Install -
1. Extract to your Fallout 3\Data\ folder.
2. Check the chosen files under data files in the launcher (or FOMM).
3. Play!

Installing for another time -
1. Deactivate the old version of Destruction; all plug-ins.
2. Delete the old version of Destruction. Everything must go, except for the meshes and textures can stay.
3. Load all of your saved games and re-save them.
4. Extract new version to your Fallout 3\Data\ folder.
5. Over-write where needed.
6. Play!

For trouble shooting and a recommended load order guide. Please read under the recommendations section.

Fallout Mod Manager and Archive Invalidation Invalidated are both recommended but not necessarily required.

3.) Release Notes

Please read all versions, due to the fact that all later versions have everything in the previous ones included. This is true unless I otherwise stated.

Version 6 - 735 total
Now we have x7 the amount of my first release! As well as probably my second biggest release to date. This big release includes Skykappa's amazing Destructible Building Materials as a big thing. Several have now been put into the game for you guys, putting his incredible work to great use. Another big thing is that Lights are now built into the main files of Destruction. This might scare some but hear this; you can now toggle this in game. I will be enabling this with v6.1 as I plan to release a bunch of completely optional "flavor" add-ons for destruction. This will help in order to help for my vision of a proper destroyable environment but not 100% fitting in with it. For now if you want this just read below.

Version 5.3 & 5.4 - 572 total
This version was released for a few simple (but needed) reasons. One was to include content for the new downloadable content, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. Two was to quickly improve upon the FX used for the Lights. This will help pave the way for the next release and should help in the mean time. Third reason is to reduce the amount of doors in its plug in. The main reason for this is to reduce the number of times you will get a glitch. All metal doors were removed completely as they basically just disappeared either way. All that basically remains is the doors with a model change. Like the wood doors that have chunks missing. Fourth is to help fix some very simple errors in health values and such throughout most other plug-ins.

Version 5.0 & 5.1 - 558 total
This now will introduce a brand new aspect into the fallout world. You can now turn off of the lights, with your weapons that is. You can now shoot out lights and make the world a little darker. Yes by the way lighting DOES affect your sneaking. This is perfect for all of you stealthy guys out there wanting to sneak up on some raiders. Even sneak through the enclave lines if you so choose. Make sure you keep a silenced pistol with you at all times. Along with this I personally own all 3 of the currently available DLC's and I'm now providing Destruction support for each one. Another major change is that the version 3 and version 4 plug-ins are now gone completely. Don't worry though, the content remains and as you work with the Lights plug-in you will understand what I am talking about and will be better explained then. You can also tell just by looking in the archive that the overall plug-in has been completely redone... again. This is now a main .esm, a patch esp, the content .esp's, a .bsa archive holding all the furniture with havok, a fo3edit edit script, and backup light file (will get into that later). The master file is required by all of my plug-ins to ensure some communication between the modifications, reduce chance of conflicts, help me creating newer versions, and to supply the explosions / debris / some scripts / for all of the plug-ins. The scripts included in here will make it so that on loading, on reset, or on both in some cases, what was destroyed will be reset. This is still a little shady on how accurately it will work but it should help out great with the doors plug-in's issues.

Version 4.0 - 4.2 - 450 total
We were just 14 short of being double the content of last major release. Mainly just expanded upon the old static ways and included some more content to enjoy. Reworking the filing system was the main new change in this. Other then the doors plug in which at this time didn't work as well as I had hoped seeing as Bethesda found a way to get around making an animation play on a teleport door. It's being worked on but the lights took up a lot of time.

Version 3.0 & 3.f - 232 total
It's officially twice as big as first release in amount of content. Also note the file size is extremely big compared to the few kb of the first release. Don't worry there is not a loading time impact. As I stated with my previous release I'm now able to make static destroyable. This is a big jump for more as you can tell by the 82 additions in Destruction. A major addition is some parts of buildings, roads, sidewalks, fences, trees, billboards, and some terminals. No important terminals and such included of course. Bug free is the way to go for all modifications and is my personal pet peeve. I have included more explosion effects and even another debris effect. I didn't do too much with either of these though. Another incorporation I did is the use of VATS. Now for more depth on this, if it has less than 35 health (about half as much as a sink) and it will explode, and then you can target it in vats most likely. This includes fat man, missiles, power cells, flamer fuel, fission batteries (you HAVE to try it... it's my personal favorite to use as a trap), generators, ham radios, and even some more. Now you can feel even more awesome as you shoot things out of the air.

Version 2.0 - 150 total
Certain objects have a few explosions occur at the same time but only ONE will do damage. (Not trying to over kill it here. Maybe I will do this in a different mod later? Big thing here is that with messing with the editor more I have found a way to make static destructible. Really this is a good thing in a few (but big) ways. 1) 99% of the game is static. 2) There is no simple "Add Destruction Data" way to do this. 3) Its more stuff to blow up! There are only 5 or so objects that I've done this with but my next release will make sure to utilize this heavily. Don't worry there still isn't any bugs that I've encountered. This was through plenty of play testing too.

Version 1.0 - 103 total
Some will explode & some will change looks. Even a few of these will do both. Some of the objects even have multiple stages of destruction. Try to have fun with this. It really adds a sense of realism and fun to the game when you can blow up a Nuka-Cola Vending machine.

4.) In More Depth

Below is a massive information list on how each little aspect of Destruction is handled and providing a LOT of information on it all.

The Master file is needed for all of the ESP’s. Provides the unique explosion IDs and the Debris for all the modifications as well as including a couple scripts, the replacements, and other such key things.
"Without me, you are nothing."

In the Weapons and Ammo section you will find the data for grenades, mines, mini-nuke ammo, flamer fuel, etc… along with any changes to projectiles like being able to shoot a missile out of the air. All of these will emit the proper explosion when destroyed. All of these objects are very sensitive to damage. So they have a very low amount of health. Now even if you shoot one and it doesn't blow up that second, give it a few more. Most will inflict DPS on themselves if they get below 90% or so health. So they will blow up within 1 or 3 seconds of you shooting it.
"Mini nukes can actually explode???"

Electronics are devices such as Parking meters, ham radios, GNR/enclave radios, generators, and juke boxes. Please know that no quest activators were touched in the making of this. I am 100% towards bug-free and if any quests or such things cannot be completed due to THIS mod I WILL release a patch as soon as possible.
"What happened to the radio honey? Well Three Dog just wouldn't shut up last night so... we need a new radio"

Misc Movable Static is many random objects under the movable static section. Namely Milk Crates, Gory body parts, and wood planks. This is all stuff that just sits around but can't be interacted with; other then throwing them around the room that is.
"Hey I got a magic trick for ya. I can turn one wood plank into two slightly smaller ones."

Misc Items have Alcohol, cup, and plate contributions by lugaruclone also including, random junk items like cigarette pack/carton, body parts, camera, leaf blower, motorcycle gas tank, toaster, and vacuums. Cherry Bombs are a sort of Easter egg / joke, you will see. But fission batteries are amazing... You should mainly note that the alcohol blow up in a tiny burst of flames. Good idea to shoot a bottle of whiskey sitting on the bar in front of somebody... Some of you may hate me for this but I added caps here. You want any you got to learn to protect those precious things. Sorry but if you want this out you can find a way. Plus if you use modifications you probably know how to add caps to yourself anyway.
"I wonder if alcohol REALLY does catch on fire."

Containers include ammo boxes, grenade boxes, garbage cans, gore bags, desks, mine boxes, gun cases. A box is a box; I can't put that any easier. Only ammo boxes and such that have an explosive in it will blow up. You’re not going to go and lose your precious little 10mm ammo, do not worry.
"That was the only working school desk left in Springvale..."

Bathrooms include toilets, sinks, urinals; the stuff you can drink out of. I don't even consider stall dividers under this. I consider them statics.
"Forget the porcelain gods!"

Deadlier Explosions - I chose to get rid of this feature. Yes in a way it fits into the idea but I didn't think it was destroyable-environment worthy. It works as its own plug-in really. Look for v6.1 if you still want this. It's a planned option.
"More bang for your buck."

Doors - Alright I have had a lot of trouble with this aspect of destruction, at first it was a hit but some troubles dealing with the technicalities of the GameBryo engine and how Fallout3 handles doors. This has been fixed but I want to do more testing with this to be sure. It will be in v6.1 though.
"If you don't open up this door right now mister, I'm coming in there!"

Furniture was done by Max Hardmen and then tweaked slightly by SP (me). This was a major new addition in version 4. Destruction was applied to furniture; done in a completely different way. He applied Havok to the chairs, tables, and such are included in here. They will not replace your old ones either, for easy activation and deactivation. Cool to see if throwing explosives around a bar this is especially cool with all the alcohol.
"Dad's going to pissed when he comes home and the sofa is missing."

Vehicles were edited to change the health values for cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles to give it higher value. This will help provide you with better cover and will make it so that cars don't take only a couple rounds to set on fire. This was just way to unrealistic in vanilla so I included it. I don't think anybody will have a problem with this. If you do comment on wanting it and I'll see about making it an add-on instead.
"Dude, where's my car?"

Lights - Shoot them and the light source goes away. This is a very simple concept, very effective idea, very realistic, and was very hard to make. When v6.1 comes out it will be fully enabled. Why not do this now? Well simple. I got more things coming with it that play into the whole Lights idea very well.
"Who turned out the lights?"

Dirty - This add-on has now been done away with. Now built into the main plug-in, you get all the goodness of destroying those pesky non-interactive statics. Now you can consider putting Skykappa's amazing work into this section if you so please. Just go shoot down a junk wall. You'll understand.
"You're a dirty boy! Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!"

5.) In More Depth – DLC

The following is NOT included in the main.esp

Operation Anchorage includes items such Ammo dispensers, grenade pickups, missile pickups, and health dispensers. All of these were properly done. You should probably do OA at least once before using this. OA makes you stay ammo-conservative so you should probably get the hang of that first. Use it if you’re looking for a challenge or to be a little more tactical in any case.
"It gets cold in the snow... let’s just toss a grenade in the ammo dispenser shall we?"

The Pitt includes things like the toxic barrels and the ceiling fans. You should probably do Pitt at least once before using this. Pitt makes you stay ammo-conservative so you should probably get the hang of that first. It's not as bad as OA in this regard but if you’re new to the game, fps type, or not the best of aim. Leave it off for your first time. Don't forget about the 2nd time though!
"So how did you become a slave, Joe? Well I shot at a ceiling fan and it killed my neighbor. Let's just say Ashur didn't appreciate losing his maid."

Broken Steel includes things like the Tesla cannons, heavy incinerators, fuel trucks, and aqua pura crates. This can be used first go around in my opinion. BS didn't have ammo limitations like Pitt and OA did. This is considering the fact that it was more built into the Capital Wasteland.
"As if patch 1.5 and the first release of this didn't break it enough."

Point Lookout has content like yeast, punga fruit, moonshine, and pop corn boxes. This is not a problem when using for you first goes through. Point Lookout has a lot of resources available and is probably one of the best DLC in my opinion.
"A eerie Ferris wheel, creepy mansion, and a rundown lighthouse. It's the perfect family resort."

Mothership Zeta being the amazing ship it is was just to clean before I came along. Now enjoy destroying that alien technology including many of their computers. But watch out; Health Dispensers get to go bye-bye.
"Zoooooom, zip, ZAP"

6.) Bugs / Fixes

The current version does contain any fixes brought about in the previous versions of this mod.

Version 6.0
-Fixed issues with the light meshes.

Version 5.4
-Found issue within most meshes for the lights.
-Fixed issues with Rivet City missing meshes.
-Recompiled the scripts to now work.

Version 5.3
-Found issue within Rivet City regarding missing meshes.
-Found issue within one script being uncompiled.

Version 5.1
-Fixed issue with doors requiring to be activated twice to open.
-Fixed issues with multiple records in MASTER and a few other plug-ins.

Version 5.0
-Helped reduce the problems with great fps hits in major cities. Now this is only a slight problem.
-Fixed problems with over-lighting in major cities.
-Fixed problems with DLC’s. Thanks to ElminsterAU.
-Fixed some problems with Doors.esp. This should be considered rc1 at the moment.
-Fixed an issue with polumski preservation chambers.
-Found issue within the BSA archive not working.
-Found issue with doors requiring to be activated twice to open.
-Found issue within fo3edit script form ids.
-Found issues with multiple records in MASTER and a few plug-ins.
-Fixed issue within the BSA archive by reverting back to using meshes folder.
-Fixed issue within fo3edit script.

Version 5.b
-Noted problems with great fps hits in major cities.
-Noted problems with over-lighting in major cities.
-Noted problems with DLC's

Version 4.2
-Fixed possible Springvale school glitch.
-Found problem in the doors plug in that needs to be worked with. Read in more depth under it for more information.
-Found issue with polumski preservation chambers.

Version 4.1
-Found possible glitch with door into Springvale School.
-Fixed incompatibility issue with Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

Version 4.0
-Found incompatibility issue with Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

Version 3.f
-Fixed possible MQ glitch.
-Fixed floating trees glitch.
-Attempted to fix tree LOD glitch.

Version 3.0
-Found possible MQ glitch.
-Found a glitch with tree LOD not loading correctly.
-Found floating trees glitch.

Version 2.0
-None Known

Version 1.0
-None Known

This is a friendly reminder that when you destroy an object it becomes unusable even if it is still visible on your screen. Please don't come to me saying that you blew up a lawnmower and now you can't get the blade out of it anymore. That is not a bug. Thank you.

If you find one please contact me and let me know so that I will be able to fix it as soon as possible. In regards to this please include where you were and what you were interacting with, if possible please.

7.) Recommendations / Personal Notes / Trouble Shooting

You don't have to do this and is not required. This is what I have been doing on my computer and I have not seen any unstated issues.

Trouble Shooting: Load Order
FOOK2 Version 1.0
- ANY DLC's -.esm
FOOK2 - Main.esm
FOOK2 [WANK] World and Neighborhood Kit.esm
FOOK2 [DIK] DLC Improvement Kit.esm
- Your other random modifications -.esp
FOOK2 - Main.esp
FOOK2 [EVE] Energy Visuals Enhanced.esp
FOOK2 [DIK] DLC Improvement Kit.esp
FOOK2 [DESTRUCTION] - Main - Statics.esp
FOOK2 [DESTRUCTION] - DIK - Statics.esp
FOOK2 - Mothership Zeta.esp
FOOK2 [DESTRUCTION] - Mothership Zeta.esp
FOOK2 [DESTRUCTION] - Mothership Zeta - Statics.esp
- ANY DLC's -.esm
- Overhauls -.esm
Destruction - Main.esp
Destruction - Main - Statics.esp
Destruction - DLC.esp
Destruction - DLC - Statics.esp
- Your other random modifications -.esp
- Overhaul's -.esp

Trouble Shooting: CTD or Freezes on install
When you first using this mod instead of an older version, IF it causes your save to crash (when first loading up) I recommend trying a clean save. To do this:
1. Load up your game without any versions of Destruction enabled.
2. Save your game.
3. Exit Fallout 3.
4. Enable your chosen Plug-Ins.
5. Play.

Trouble Shooting: Destruction isn't working on some items
When you are in Fallout 3, there are many types of items, movable static, items, static, activators, containers, etc. Simply put, just because 2 things look alike do not mean they are the same "item." Some may be left out due to quests, caused bugs in past, I just missed them, not running Statics.esp, or GECK limitations I have yet to work around. Even additional mods being loaded. The reason I have you put this mod high up in the load order is so that if you install a mod that changes something, those changes are used over my destruction effects. This helps clear out MANY potential bugs at a low cost.

Personal Note: Lights
Not all lighting is perfectly done; it is hard to get them all 100% identical to vanilla looking when so much needed to be changed. Some lighting will be a little off. Some places a little higher others a little lower. Either way it works. Yes this aspect will be my main focus as far as updating goes but it will take some time. Don't hinder its rating based on this. All good things take time and being perfect takes longer.

Personal Note: Health Values
A realization I had about this mod when I was editing it was that your weapons condition effects how realistic these object will become destroyed. When creating it I usually based the amount of health I gave things off of 3 major weapons, grenades, missile launchers, fat-man, and more recently the combat/sawed-off shotguns. What I'm trying to say is that with these modifications the objects usually seem to become destroyed more realistically depending on your items condition. All of these go off of vanilla's values too.

Personal Note: 1% Chance
Something else to note about this mod and everything included within. I do not know the cause of this but it seems to be there is less than a 1% rate at which an object will not perform the destruction stages I set on it. Not sure why but its true.

Personal Note: Bug Free
As well as before know that not every instance of certain objects was edited. This was to help prevent happenings of quest and/or script bugs. As well as overall improving compatibility. Also note that any bugs found will be handled as soon as possible.

8.) Legal / Contact

Partial credit;
Skykappa - creating his Destructible Building Materials mod. This is mainly used for static replacements. I will be providing updates with all of his updates to his mod.
ElminsterAU - helping me clean up the old version 3 & 4 plug-ins and unknowingly helping me apply the Lights plug in to and new content area with the help of FO3Edit's scripts. This method is still now being used for other items.
Max Hardmen - supplying me with the Havok enabled furniture, the original furniture plug-in, and the know-how on how to add Havok to meshes.
Lugaruclone - supplying me with the updates in the Misc Items.esp including the alcohol, glasses, and plates. Something I could never seem to get good enough, along with the know-how on how to change the visual appearance of explosions without a new nif.

Testing credit;
Biblost - who helped me in identifying the overall feel of certain interiors and pointing out which ones were over lit and under lit.
ANG3Looo - helping me with the BSA achieve and with testing the lights in regards to pointing out more specific nonfunctional lights.

In regards to improving, building, and or redistributing please do not without talking to me BEFORE doing so.

Please leave comments on likes and dislikes of this mod so that I can know where and how I can improve this mod or make my future modifications/versions better.

Contact me at;
PM = Fallout 3 Nexus - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=173512
PM = Fook Unity - http://www.fookunity.com/forum/member.php?u=63
Email = [email protected]