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This mod adds three new Energy Weapons-based sniper rifles. The basic Liberty Rifle can be bought at Craterside Supply or Flak and Shrapnel\'s. To get the Sovereign Rifle, seek out Fort Bannister. There is a third Rifle that you must craft using the Sovereign Rifle. This third weapon needs no ammo, but crafting it is difficult.

Permissions and credits
Liberty Rifle v4.0(03.24.2009)
Author: Kikaimegami



This mod adds three new Energy Weapons-based sniper rifles. The basic Liberty Rifle can be bought at Craterside Supply or Flak and Shrapnel's. To get the Sovereign Rifle, seek out Fort Bannister. There is a third Rifle that you must craft using the Sovereign Rifle. This third weapon needs no ammo, but crafting it is difficult.



This mod adds three new Energy Weapons-based sniper rifles, which shoot a powerful blue laser beam and are highly accurate. They require knowledge of Energy Weapons to become more adept with.

You can buy the Liberty Rifle at Craterside Supply in Megaton or at Flak and Shrapnel's in Rivet City; these vendors also sell a random amount of extra Microfusion Cells so you've always got access to more ammo for the rifle.

The Sovereign Rifle is a unique item held by one Commander Jabsco. Seek him out within Fort Bannister. This more-powerful version requires a special type of ammo: Electromagnetic Microfusion Cells (EMF Cells) of which there are a limited supply. You'll find a certain amount of them on Jabsco himself, as well as a few more in the same area you meet him in. You can find more in a couple other places. Check where you would think you might find rare munitions.

For the hardcore, a third rifle, the Insurrectionist's Rifle, is available. It must be crafted using the Sovereign Rifle. To find out how, you must search for the Keller Family and also accept Crowley's quest, but use the keys yourself. For more information if you're still lost, see the spoilers section at the end of this ReadMe.

The Liberty Rifle and Sovereign Rifle can be repaired with any of the following:
- Liberty Rifle
- Sniper Rifle
- Plasma Rifle

The Insurrectionist's Rifle can be repaired with:
- Liberty Rifle
- Electromagnetic Microfusion Cell

You cannot use the Sovereign Rifle nor the Insurrectionist's Rifle to repair any other item.

Ammo locations and cheats can be found at the end of this ReadMe in the SPOILERS section, along with locations for the Sovereign Rifle and the Insurrectionist's Rifle quest. You read the SPOILERS section at your own risk due to the locations of some of the items; you WILL find out about other quests!



v4.0(03.24.2009) - All rifles are now Awesomefied. Thanks to MadCat221 for the Awesomefied Plasma Rifle mesh! Vendor items should now restock properly. Any texture issues (showing the wrong cell mostly) should now be fixed. A cheat room has been added where you can get all of the items.

v3.1(01.05.2009) - Fixed the fact that everything to create the Insurrectionist's Rifle was in the Trunk.. oops! Sent you all my test copy! I've changed the price of the Liberty Rifle to 2000 caps as well. Also, the beam on all three weapons is vastly smaller and more appropriate to the barrel size.

v3.0(01.01.2009) - Added Insurrectionist's Rifle and 'quest' and made a very important edit to the instructions for installation! There's also a ton of misc. changes and tweaks that hopefully make the mod better overall, such as fixing the repair list to exclude uniques.

v2.3(12.28.2008) - A very minor update. Changed the disintigration effect to the Alien Blaster one so it matches the blue laser.

v2.2(12.26.2008) - Fixed attack animation again and changed the look of the Liberty Rifle. The beam duration for both rifles is now much shorter and they can penetrate small, transparent obstacles, such as fences. Also, the damage is changed for the Sovereign Rifle in an attempt to further balance it.

v2.1(12.23.2008) - Fixed reload and attack animations for both rifles.

v2.0(12.21.2008) - Now the Sovereign Rifle is unique and can only be found in one place, plus it has a finite amount of ammunition. The damage for both rifles has been reduced and they no longer do splash damage. Both have the Energy resist property added and hopefully have better manual aim.

v1.2(12.20.2008) - Fixed the animation. Changed ammo usage and weapon degradation values. Fixed the repair list so the Sovereign Rifle isn't scavvable.

v1.1(12.20.2008) - Made the the Liberty Rifle less powerful, which is still twice as powerful as the Sniper Rifle and the Sovereign Rifle now has the stats of the original Liberty Rifle.

v1.0(12.19.2008) - Initial Release



Unpack this archive into your Fallout 3\Data\ directory and check the esp in Data Files when you run the Fallout 3 Launcher.

Edit your My Documents\My Games\Fallout3\FALLOUT.INI
Under [Archives], change the following line:




Alternately (and should be done if you're using mods at all), you can install:

ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated! http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944


Known Issues/Bugs

None known at this time and the weapon is added to vendors via a vendor chest, so it will not conflict with any other mods that add goods to these merchants.

If you discover a bug or have an issue with the mod, please let me know!

Note: Crosshair aiming in the vanilla game for the Sniper Rifle is off and thus will be off for this as well. If you find yourself with this issue, I highly recommend:

Pelinor's Fixed Scope Crosshair http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2008



Liberty Rifle mesh and textures derived from Plasma Rifle and Sniper Rifle meshes and textures by Kikaimegami. Thanks to Saiden on the NifTools forums for helping me solve my mesh-related issues!

Awesomefied Plasma Rifle mesh thanks to MadCat221! Adapted for this mod by Kikaimegami

Shout-out to Cibrong, tilmore at Fallout3Nexus, for his hand-held Liberty Laser mod!

Thanks to Doedel for helping me to find a better way for the player to obtain the Sovereign Rifle by giving it to Jabsco. Also, it was his idea to have limited ammunition for the rifle.

Thanks to Claw for pointing out I'd left the splash damage in and thus discovering where I was getting 200 extra damage at. Also, for reminding me to give it the Energy Resist property.

Thanks to DragoonWraith for pointing out issues with the scope in manual aiming. I've tried to fix this as best as I can.

Thanks to Tyana Rie, LazyMonk, Mormacil, Ketheria, and jsnider193 for helping me brainstorm the Insurrectionist's Rifle and how to obtain it.

Thanks to Mordrack for helping me find the pesky bug that was killing some people's textures.

If you've contributed to this mod in any way and have not been included in these credits, please contact me!


This mod lovingly created with:
Blender 2.47
Blender NIF Scripts v2.4.3
Nifskope v1.0.18
Adobe Photoshop CS2



Kikaimegami ([email protected])

You may reach me via PM at Fallout3Nexus or the official Bethesda forums. I use the name Kikaimegami.



You may use any art assets contained within this mod save for the esp file itself as long as credit is given to myself as the original author of this content. If you wish to include this weapon within your own mod, either compilation or the like, I ask you to please copy the data over from my esp. This includes merging.. I only wish for the esp itself to not be replicated and redistributed, but you are free to copy the information contained within. I do ask that if you wish to use any of my resources that you contact me. Permission will most likely be granted, as I allow free usage of my mods as long as credit is given, but I do like to know what projects my work is going into.

That fine young man modeling the goods is my character, Ezekiel, and he is not available for redistribuion. However, the racemod he's using (Mutant) will be featured in an upcoming mod I am in the process of working on.



Cheater's Room:
I decided to just add a cell that contains all of the items instead of giving the item codes as it's easier. To get to the cheater's room, open the console and type:
coc kikaiLibertyRifle
This will teleport you to a small room with a table in front of you that has a trunk on it. This trunk respawns and contains all of the items in the mod. Behind you is a door called "Exit Door". Activating the door will teleport you to the Megaton Map Marker (the same place you'd end up if you fast-traveled there).

EMF Cell Locations:

Fort Bannister, Commanding Officer's Quarters (FortBannister01)
- Commander Jabsco
- Unoccupied Mister Gutsy pod

Wheaton Armory (zWheatonArmory)
- Locked armory room in an ammo case.

National Guard Depot, Armory (NtlGuardDepot06)
- On the shelves opposite the Bobblehead, right outside the locked door you need the Keller Family tapes to open.

Fort Constantine, Bomb Storage (FortC04)
- On the same table as the Fat Man in the locked room.
- There's also an ammo case under the table.

Quest for the Insurrectionist's Rifle:

KEYCARD: You must get the keys for Mister Crowley in Underworld and locate Fort Constantine. Once there, find the locked room that you need all of the keys to enter, where the T51-b Power Armor is stored. There will be a keycard along with some EMF Cells on the same table as the Fat Man in that room.

CRAFTING KIT: Second, you need to obtain all five Keller Family tapes and enter the locked area within the National Guard Depot Armory. The keycoard you found in Fort Constantine opens up a blue trunk dubbed "The Revolution". This is sitting under the table that the Experimental MIRV is sitting on.

(Do not read beyond this point if you still want a challenge to solve! There is a note in the trunk which should help you locate the final item.)

POWERCELL PACK: The final item is in the sewers of Old Olney next to the dead Brotherhood Initiate wearing the Prototype Medic Armor.

General Cheats:
- In the console, click on any door or container and type "unlock" to unlock it, whether it requires a key or not.
- To open the door which requires the five Keller Family tapes, first click on it and get the "This door is opened elsewhere" message. Open the console, click on the door, and type "activate". It should open when you exit the console.