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The Swampfolk are inbred, disease-ridden characters who haven\'t bathed in, like, twenty years. Well, they are now.

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Swampfolk - Backwater Retexture
By DeathclawAlpha
Part 3 of the "Wasteland Visuals" texture series.

In the add-on Point Lookout, the Swampfolk were some of the most satisfying enemies to fight. Their unique fighting styles couple with hilarious dialogues and odd appearances, somewhat sadly, made them some of the most interesting NPCs to encounter in the wasteland. What was the only off putting thing about that? Well, they had some of the blockiest, least detailed textures in the game. This retexture will make them look more realistic, and some more frightening - or, if you select an optional add-on, they're still more detailed, but a lot less frightening.

Resolution size has been changed from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048. A ton of hand-picked detail has been added for special tertiary changes, some being that the blood is enhanced to look realistic.
The characters don't look as cartoony, and I have applied a contrast enhancement so shadows are more effectively applied to their models. The Creeper, in specific, has a major change - that being, his hair is now a realistic color.

Drag and drop the Texture folder into your Fallout 3 Data folder. No ESP, as it is a retexture, so just start up your game and visit scenic Point Lookout, where mutant hillbillies armed with shotguns roam. Ugly mutant hillbillies.