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Rumors and Stories are spreading fast across the wasteland. Arefu residents keep talking about this Overpass parallel to their own. They keep saying how there are gunshots and screams from it. No one wants to investigate it though, and can you blame them? Maybe this is something worth looking into.........

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A mod by JkKILER

=== UPDATE ===
Hello again everyone! I would consider this mod finished at this point. If support continues, I might add more in the future, but I am once again very busy and do not have much time for modding.

Thank you so much for sharing in The Overpass with me! Your support really means a lot and I appreciate everyone who used this file.

Cheers to all


1. What's New?
2. News/Coming Soon
3. Description
4. Installation
5. Requirements
6. Troubleshooting
7. Credits and Thanks

1.7 Has arrived!

Jarrod's (Your) house has been upgraded! Including:
Ammo and weapon sorters ~ Vanilla and mod weapons only!
Light switches
Activatable Shower
And a grand Piano that plays wonderful music

Also featuring:
Better navmesh up front so enemies will chase up the ramp
Other random fixes

Upcoming Additions:

~ I am currently working on other things. I may come back to this if more people wish there to be more.

This mod is a self-contained unmarked adventure/quest/player home (What this mod actually is is up for debate, but I consider it an "Note-centered adventure" Everyone has their own opinions though and what you make it out to be is entireley up to you!)

. It begins right when you load up your next game with a message like the one in the small description. It should be noted that while this mod is about an Overpass populated* with people,There is a warning right before you enter the Overpass for the first time that all companions should be told to wait or be temporarily dismissed because they may (Until you complete the quest) become nothing but a distraction, and might ruin your experience.

This mod is in the catergory that shares the same ideas of Puce Moose. I love his note-quest mods and was inspired to make my own. Puzzles, locked doors, keys, a mystery and PLENTY of notes await you....

This mod has been in development for a long time now, and is something I am extremely proud of. I am now hoping to pass on all the things I have done here to you! If you like this, please consider leaving a comment and/or endorsing.

What this mod adds:
New craftable Grenades
Weapons with custom meshing and texturing
A new Overpass near Arefu that can be used an epic playerhome after the quests are finished
New Armors
Custom sounds
A sad story of murder
And a new perk

*The population isnt on the Overpass at this time.....

1st BEFORE anything else, Load Fallout 3 and make a clean save game. This allows you to revert back to this save if you find a problem, as sometimes when installing updates, they might conflict with older data.


FOMM: (Fallout Mod Manager)
1. Install TheOverpass 1.7 into your fallout3/data folder
2. Go to Package Manager and AddFOMOD
3. Select The 7z file that you saved in your Fallout3/data folder
4. Check the mod and activate it
5. Check to make sure Overpasshome Textures and Meshes as well as OPSounds are in their perspective folders under fallout3/Data
6. Launch Fallout

NMM: (Nexus Mod Manager)
1.Install TheOverpass 1.7 into your fallout3/data folder
2. Go to "Mods" tab and select the file you just saved in your fallout3 data folder
3. Activate the Overpass1.7 Geck file, and make sure it is checked in your main directory
4. Check to make sure OverpassHome Textures and Meshes as well as OPSounds are in their perspective folders under fallout3/Data
5. Launch Fallout

Load order

Currently the only .esp you need is Overpass1.7 or 1.7update if you already had downloaded 1.5 super pack.

All this mod requires is ArchiveInvallidation for the textures/meshes's pathing (Basically to make sure the right textures and meshes load ingame and you dont get Red !'s or Changing textures.

Please Make sure you have done these things before reporting a problem or bug

1. Installed or Activated ArchiveinvallidationInvallidated
2. Have Made A clean save game and tested out the problem with the clean save
3. Have all required updates
4. Have the correct load order (Installation)
5. BEFORE you install this mod for the first time, make your clean save game, it will help with discerning problems you may find.

I'd like to give a special thank you to KittyBlack/purr4me here on the Nexus for Beta testing this mod as well as helping me with earlier problems with it. You should give her mods a look too.

PROMETHEUS_ts for his usage of his gas mask mesh

Also, for the new extended clip for the laser rifle, I got the idea from a youtuber called TheMakuta345 Here's a link to his channel. He has some good tutorial texturing and meshing videos.


Gimp 2.6 for all texture editing

Blender for all meshing

Geck for putting it all together

And to everyone here on the Nexus for such a great; supportive community

Please Endorse and Vote for this file if you appreciate it and would like to see more!