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A new Lore friendly armour added to vendor lists and (Hopefully) Levelled Lists.

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Wasteland Novice is a new Lore friendly armour thats great for people who are just starting new files, its dt and weight are slightly lower than leather armour and the armour its self is a mash up of leather, merc grunt and the armoured vault suit. It is for both males and females and has 2 different lots of head gear.

The armour has been added to vendor lists and (Hopefully) levelled lists, however if you can't wait to find it or just don't want to buy it there is an optional esp that you can use instead of the normal esp which not only adds the armor to vendors and levelled lists but adds a 'Bonus Locker' containing 5 lots of the armor and each headgear which is located in Springvale (See Images)

Normal Verison
1.Download the main file entitled 'Wasteland Novice Armour'
2. Extract the .zip file and copy and paste the meshes and textures folder and the esp into your data directory
3. Enable the esp and play! (Its might take a while for the armour to pop up if your using the normal version)

Bonus Locker Esp
1. Follow the normal installation instructions up to step 2
2. Download the Optional Bonus Locker Esp and extract into your data directory
3. Disable or delete the normal esp (Wasteland Novice Armor.esp) and enable the Bonus Locker esp (Wasteland Novice Armor_BL.esp) then play, Look in the image section for the location of the Locker.

Body Replacer Patches
1. Follow normal or Bonus locker Installation instructions first
2. Once you have all the meshes textures and your desired esp in your data directory download and extract the desired body replacer patch.
3. Copy and paste the meshes into the data directory and over right any existing meshes, enable the esp then play.

Delete either the Wasteland Novice Armor.esp or the Wasteland Novice Armor_BL.esp along with the Ghouls folder in Meshes/armor and Textures/Interface/Icons/Pipboy Images.

The armor may not pop up very often if you have lots of mods that edit levelled and vendor lists the only other issue is that there may be some clipping with the head gear as I don't know how to make .egm files for head gear, Sorry :

~Credits and tools used~
Bethesda for fallout 3 and the geck
Beware of girl type 3 body
Breeze male body
Exeters type 3 armor replacer