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Adds a new quest to Fallout 3 called A Devils Wish with its own unique storyline that is told by the fully voiced characters within the mod. Discover the new uniquely scripted enemy types, boss fights, puzzles, platforming, explorable cells and world spaces, and psychic powers that you will unlock as you play though this quest.

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A video walkthrough of the entire mod is now available under the videos tab.


Adds a new quest to Fallout 3 called “A Devil’s Wish” with its own unique storyline that is told by the fully voiced characters within the mod. Discover and be challenged by the new uniquely scripted enemy types, boss fights, puzzles, platforming, explorable cells and world spaces, and psychic powers that you will unlock as you play though this quest.


New uniquely scripted enemy types and boss fights

New explorable cells and world spaces



New unique characters and NPCs

New unique weapons

Psychic powers

A new quest with its own unique storyline

Over 400 lines of dialog

Fully voiced and lip-synched characters


“A Devil’s Wish” is an original and complex story that is a combination of science fiction, the supernatural, and politics. Your character will become an essential part of this story in which the choices and actions that you make can alter how the story plays out.

The quest begins at the Bavaria Hotel in Chevy Chase after getting the key to the hotel from Lt. Reynolds. If Lt. Reynolds happens to be killed before talking to him, the quest will still be activated after finding a note next to the fuse box in the basement of the hotel. Just make sure you get the key off of his body first.


Boss fights are heavily scripted to make them fast paced, intense, challenging, and tricky. Some are even multi-staged and become progressively more difficult throughout the fight. Every boss that you manage to defeat will unlock a new psychic power. It’s recommended that to have a high leveled character before taking on these bosses.


The psychic powers in this mod are unlike any weapons or abilities that one would normally use in Fallout 3 and it is important to learn and understand how these psychic powers work in order to achieve the best experience from this mod. Keep in mind, that psychic powers play a major rule in the story and gameplay of this mod. Not only will your character unlock these powers but most of the enemies and bosses will have their own powers as well.

Let’s begin with how the psychic powers should be used. Rather than equipping the psychic powers as weapons, they are instead consumables that are activated when consumed. This allows one to simply hotkey their powers so that they can be use along with their weapon of choice. Psychic powers also do not use ammo so they can be used infinitely. However, they use Action Points (AP) instead. This means that one can only use their powers if they have a sufficient amount of AP. Note: That some powers may require a maximum of at least 100 AP in order to use which may result in some low level characters not being able to use them. It’s recommended to have the “Action Boy/Girl” perk before playing through this mod. Also, understand that some powers use more AP than what is needed which may cause one’s AP to drop in to the negatives and take longer than normal to regenerate.

There are some minor inconveniences when it comes to using the psychic powers that fire projectiles. Because the FireWeapon script command was used for all of the projectile firing powers, it should be noted that:

The projectile will normally fire out of your character’s chest and into the direction of your crosshairs, unless the weapon your character is currently-equipped with has a “ProjectileNode” programmed into it, in which the projectile will fire from that node, typically the muzzle. Normally the projectile will travel in the same direction that your weapon is pointing in, however, if your weapon if holstered on your character’s back or side it will fire the projectile into the ground and may injure your character. So ensure that your weapon is drawn before using a power that fires projectiles.

If the weapon you are currently-equipped with uses ammo, fireweapon will expend one shot's worth. So it’s best NOT to have a weapon equipped that uses rare ammo, such as the Fatman. FireWeapon will also use the spread of any equipped weapon instead of the spread of the firing weapon.

You should always activate a projectile firing power though the hotkeys that you assigned them to and never through the Pipboy’s inventory.


All the voice acting was, in fact, done by me, however, with the use of the “WavePad Sound Editor” I was able to edit my voice to give every character their own unique voice, as well as, add special effects to the voices.


As a perfectionist, I have spent countless hours test playing this mod and fixing any bugs that I have come across, although, some bugs may still persist. These are often bugs that occur sometimes but not all the time. I am not always sure why they happen or how to fix them. However, a bug can sometimes be fixed just by restarting the game.


This mod leaves most of the vanilla settings in Fallout 3 untouched which should make it compatible with most other mods. Only the Chevy Chase areas have been modified from the original game in order to add a door to the Bavaria Hotel and a small camp next to the hotel.


Only requires Fallout 3. That doesn’t include any of its DLC, nor should it require FOSE.

Recommended to have a high level character, level 20 or higher, and some serious fire power.

Recommended to have the “Action Boy/Girl” perk to be able to use the psychic powers efficiently.


Bethesda for fallout 3 and the GECK



WavePad Sound Editor



This section contains many spoilers!

A list of all the psychic powers and how they are unlocked.

Night Vision Spell (Unlocked by defeating the first Phantom Assassin that is encounter)

Fireball Spell (Unlocked by defeating Reavas)

Shock Wave Spell (Unlocked by defeating The Beast)

Slow Time Spell (Unlocked by defeating Dr. Maxximillian)

Defense Barrier Spell (Unlocked by defeating Angel)

Sonic Blast Spell (Unlocked by defeating Sgt. Jackson)

Teleportation Spell (Unlocked by catching The Teleporting Gnome)

Overcharge Spell (Unlocked by transferring Prometheus’s power into your character)

Summon Phantom Spell (Unlocked by purging Prometheus’s container)

Frenzy Spell (Unlocked by defeating the second version of The Devil Himself)

Finisher Spell (Unlocked after you “unleash your fury”)