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"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home". Spartan Ranch is a small suburban ranch type Player House in the Springvale area. This isn't a place for lounging around all day to admire the tapestries and pick your teeth in. This is a place for AVOIDING! Until you're tired, out of ammo, and ready to come home that is. Then it's a super place to recuperate, re-supply, and take care of business from. This mod attempts to enhance the fun of exploring and scavenging for players who dig that sort of thing. Mainly, incorrigible scavenger types. There's no right or wrong when it comes to modding single player games. The true value lies in what gives your personal Fun O' Meter the highest readings. That said, if your goal is to get through the game as swiftly as possible, and not savor the scavving aspects, then these features may not be your cup of tea.


There is a short albeit 'thrillingly adventurous' quest to complete. Then comes the Lone Wanderer gets to be a squatter, and the using of house and all the fun high-tech stuff part.

The Securing Spartan Ranch quest is a very basic quest with a mere four (4) objectives. While the in-game quest notes (one added automatically and one on the front porch) can provide helpful information, it's altogether possible to complete the quest itself by simply following the PIPBOY QUEST MARKERS and using some common sense. You shouldn't have to steal anything or kill any friendlies to complete the quest. I would highly recommend NOT using any mod which changes Moira Brown herself, or otherwise causes her to leave Craterside Supply. At least not until the quest Securing Spartan Ranch is finished. If you do get stuck, and are at your wits end, please feel free to PM me (last teensy-weensy icon in the "Actions:" row) with any quest related problems instead of posting a SPOILER COMMENT

If you're having trouble "decrypting" my somewhat grammatically incorrect, alternate time-line, future post-apocalyptic version of Lowland Scots in the quest notes, or find them too confusing, try: The Online Scots Dictionary


Depending on how they're used the gizmos in this mod can increase immersion significantly thus making the game seem like it's taking longer to play due to fast travel becoming a true OPTION instead of a tedious, and time consuming economic necessity. No more fast traveling ten times per dungeon to get your loot back. Just temporarily put the items you need to keep with you in any convenient container. Then when you're outside and have a good 'satellite signal', use the ZAD to send everything that's left in your inventory (excepting the ZAD of course, which can be dropped or put into a container but cannot be teleported when using it) back to a special container at Spartan Ranch. Then simply retrieve your stashed vital items so you can continue exploring the wasteland from that point. It can be a little tedious at first, but second nature once adapted to it. Hint: A minimalist approach to vital equipment needs tends to make the whole process all that easier.

The My GAL World Explore Model computer system with its high-tech, 'pre-war experimental item sorter' can save countless hours of tedious manual sorting and containerizing of the hundreds, or even thousands of pounds of loot you've acquired by scavving the Wasteland and then 'teleported' back to the ranch with the ZAD.

The Merchant Portals allow you to conduct business over an experimental, still functional pre-war network that uses advanced molecular manipulation to make life easier and more rewarding. It's much like present day Earth on-line shopping married to sci-fi 'teleporter technology' might work. The advantages are: That when back at the ranch you are no longer forced to waste time finding a merchant to buy from, sell to, or repair your equipment. Just go online and do it instantly. In addition, every cap you spend on merchant repairs goes back into the Wasteland economy so that those merchants will have more caps with which to buy your valuable loot.


NUMBER 10. Antique Nuka-Cola Fridge: Full Vending Machine functionality.

NUMBER 9. Agent's 10mm Pistol: Silenced 10mm pistol with specs close to Col. Autumn's 10mm Pistol.

NUMBER 8. Bobblehead Stand: Custom Bobblehead stand which will also add new copies of pre-existing Bobbleheads from default stands (if any), and add default versions to Megaton and Tenpenny stands when new ones are placed on it.

NUMBER 7. Quicksilver Armor: Unique stealth Combat Armor enchanted to enhance sneak and provide a stealth field similar to the Chinese Stealth Armor in Operation: Anchorage DLC.

NUMBER 6. Workbench: Standard Workbench

NUMBER 5. The Coffee Maker FU2: Pre-war molecular technology based filtration unit that looks like an ordinary Coffee Maker. Requires "ingredients", and is an atomic age "alchemy set" used to create three unique ingestibles, similar to vanilla ingestibles, only without any addictions or side effects. Two of which temporarily increase carrying capacity and can be "stacked", and the other temporarily increases damage, damage resistance, and AP.

NUMBER 4. My Wilderness Bed: Full function player bed which gives "well rested time", restores health, fixes broken bones, cures all addictions, and removes all radiation.

NUMBER 3. Merchant Portals: Game-tested - experimental, "pre-war technology" Barter and Repair Services portals programmed for a few select merchants who provide both, providing they're still alive and/or open for business. Saves time and caps stay in circulation, keeping the economy healthy. Caravan Merchant repair skills still increase with any investments you make as usual. Moira Brown's repair skills will also increase as usual, given the right circumstances.

NUMBER 2. My GAL World Explorer Model: Computer system with an item sorter which sorts, and stores in containers, almost everything except weapons and armor. Features an integrated item teleportation function for sending goods to remote containers located in areas with several various merchants.

NUMBER 1. ZeeAxis Device: Portable pre-war technology item teleportation device. When used, will teleport any amount of loot home from nearly anywhere (nonfunctional in Anchorage & unusable in Zeta) to sort/store, and deal with later, when it's convenient to do so. Fast travel only if/when you choose to.


An issue was discovered with Small Wasteland Camp mod, which is located near Spartan Ranch in the Wasteland. Even though FO3Edit shows no conflicts at all, testing revealed that loading them together 'may' cause game crashing.

Please see the ReadMe (included with download or click the link above) for important issues and stuff.


I make every effort to correct any problems which are reported to me, although as of this writing only a few minor ones have arisen. Please click "Latest Version" to view the complete change log.


I adamantly subscribe to whatever school of thought believes that MOD AUTHORS, after finishing their mod(s), should be responsible enough to check for errors, debug, clean, and do thorough in-game testing before uploading their work for others to download and use. Unfortunately not all mod authors take these steps. Therefore, it behooves MOD USERS to at least check the mods they intend to use, for errors and dirty files, with an appropriate utility (e.g. OBMM, TES4Edit, FO3Edit, Wyre Bash, etc.) before their game gets broken - and out of sheer frustration they're compelled to give up, re-install it, and start a new game. Been there, done that.

Despite the fact that some
dirty mods may never cause a single problem, many may be potential time bombs! And as far as your game is concerned, using them without the precaution of CLEANING is tantamount to playing some sort of cyber Russian roulette with your computer by trying to get by without Anti-virus/Malware protection. Yeah, good luck with that. Seriously... it's just not worth the risk. Therefore, this mod has been CLEANED WITH FO3Edit to help prevent potential conflicts with other mods due to "DIRTY FILES".


I welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Your opinion is always welcome! After you've tried it on for size, and checked it out for a while, please consider giving me some feedback in the comments section on what you like or dislike about this mod. Although FO3 is somewhat dated at this point, I suspect there are still many newcomers discovering this great game everyday, so I will support this mod as long as I am able. Please send me a PM with anty questions though since it's been well over two years since I posted this mod (not my first actually, but the first I deemed worthy of sharing) I only visit this page occasionally these days.

REMINDER: Endorsements are a cost free way for mod users to express their appreciation for, and approval of, the effort that went into the creations they like... to the mod authors who have chosen to share their work with the community. Nexus members are allowed to endorse any number of mods they choose to, shortly after downloading them.


Bethesda Game Studios
The FO3 G.E.C.K. Wiki.
The TESCS Wiki.
ElminsterEU for FO3Edit.
Fallout3 Training Manual for FO3Edit
Drew "General Grimm" Madsen
The fallout community


INSTALL: Unzip to, copy/paste to, or otherwise add SpartanRanch.esp to your FO3 Data folder and activate with Fallout Mod Manager, Fallout Launcher, or Nexus Mod Manager.

UN-INSTALL: Delete SpartanRanch.esp from your FO3 Data folder.




In the year 2076: Earth was on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. Robert Seven was a young man in his mid-twenties. An entrepreneur, businessman, and inventor. Robert earned the majority of his income by purchasing demolition salvage, consumer goods, and other various and sundry commodities which he then sold, usually in quantity at a marginal profit.
He was also a hired hand enjoying a substantial monthly retainer from Tachyon Information Technologies. A large, semi-clandestine corporation which sub-contracted for the U.S. government and military. When, from time to time Tachyon contacted him to do an assignment for them, he gave it his full attention, putting everything else temporarily on hold.

Robert traveled extensively, leaving his small ranch near the quiet town Springvale in search of lucrative business opportunities. Finding himself in a small community located in southeastern Pennsylvania late one balmy summer afternoon, he transacted some casual business at a local curio shop, returned to his parking space, and leaned against the smooth, left front fender of his shiny new convertible to take in the local scenery for a moment.
Wrapped in a small, plain brown box which gave no clue as to the true value of its contents, he set the package he had been carrying on the hood of his expensive new sports car, folded his arms, and took a deep breath. Smiling at nothing and no one in particular, and pleased with himself that he had just purchased a very rare item at a bargain price.
After taking several deep breaths of the clean, crisp evening air he became fully relaxed, and was now thoroughly engrossed in the contemplation of his beautiful surroundings. Suddenly, his gaze beheld what he perceived might just be the loveliest creature he had ever seen. Flashing blue eyes, long-blonde hair, medium height, and equipped with an awe-inspiring chassis
neatly wrapped up in a cerulean mini-dress. A sight that would make even his sleek, factory fresh Corvega Sports Edition envious.

Noticing him out of the corner of her eye Gretchen quickly turned to appraise this mysterious and incredibly attractive young stranger who was casually leaning against a newer, well-polished, red and white sports car. And whom to her sudden chagrin, seemed to be rudely staring directly at her svelte womanly attributes. Her cheeks involuntarily flushed as she met his widening gaze. But then the warm and tender look in his otherwise somewhat sinister looking baby blue eyes flipped a switch in her mind that she had previously been unaware even existed. She promptly restored her composure and unconsciously flashed him her most alluring smile. A smile usually reserved for only the most important of acquaintances. A smile which incidentally, seemed to have an effect on him similar to headlights on wildlife at night. Apparently due to a bright flash of deep golden sunlight bouncing off her glistening 'pearly whites' and directly into the astonished Robert Seven's already dilated pupils.

Although momentarily taken aback and unsure of exactly what he had witnessed, he guiltily mused that this otherwise extremely attractive young woman might benefit from some professional dental work. Nevertheless Robert summarily responded in kind as he simultaneously quelled this dark and insidious thought which had briefly crossed his mind, and hoped against hope that it had perhaps only been a trick of light and shadow which had manifested itself. Possibly from the slowly setting, bright, and nearly amber sun.
Clutching his package, he hastily, albeit suavely, started across the street to introduce himself to this veritable ray of sunshine, and ostensible pretender to the throne of Blue Ball Goddess (Blue Ball being the name of the town where all this transpired). Striving all the while to keep his enthusiasm driven stride to a slow, noncommittal saunter. Unfortunately, he neglected to check traffic first and narrowly avoided being struck by a largish chrome bumper on the front end of the massive blue sedan speeding his way. Fortunately, he did however eventually make it across the street without serious injury. And as he cautiously approached the still beamish young lady, he was soundly relieved to confirm that it had, after all, only been a trick of light and shadow that had at first glance deceived his eye.

Breathing a subdued sigh of relief, the now somewhat smitten Robert divined that in fact, this vision of unadulterated beauty, this true Princess of Pennsylvania, possibly possessed the most perfect set of teeth he had ever seen, and summarily surmised that her father was either a wealthy man, or more likely than not, a very skilled dentist. Then, overwhelmed by her radiance, he fell instantly and irrevocably into a state of absolute desire and  overpowering curiosity.

Extremely impressed by the fact that under the circumstances the tall stranger had made it across the two-lane street without being killed or even slightly soiling himself, Gretchen greeted him with a huge smile and she too soon succumbed to the unconscionable impact of Cupid's well placed arrow, and the two heretofore strangers quickly became fast friends. And eventually, the most passionate of lovers.


In the year 2276: The wanderer, scavenger and doctor of medicine - Dr. Jamie McGill, stumbled upon what seemed to be an abandoned ranch house near the ruins of a once thriving town called Springvale. Not wanting to be shot at for trespassing, he knocked on the door several times, but to no avail.
Looks could be deceiving he reasoned; the outward appearance of the house notwithstanding he surmised that someone might be injured, or in need of medical assistance inside; and proceeded to pick the lock. What he was confronted with once inside frightened him so gravely, that he backed out of the door and ran several hundred yards before being attacked by two large mutant ants.
After dispatching the ferociously, formidable formicidae, and regaining his composure, he returned to the ranch grounds and began exploring. While investigating the premises he discovered a hidden box in a trash bin. It was a small box, containing a small, strange looking key. Re-mustering his courage he held his nose and re-entered the dwelling.

Dr. Jamie McGill spent the next several weeks removing dead bodies, skeletons, debris, and generally cleaning up the old dilapidated ranch house. He found an old pre-war computer and spent the next six months getting it up and running. Luckily, he found some technical manuals to assist him in this task.
He then began living in the house, making it his primary residence, and starting his small wasteland business of part-time doctoring, scavenging, and selling whatever he could find. Survival was no picnic in the Capitol Wasteland to say the least, but he soon found that his new abode helped immensely.

Then came a time when he was offered a business opportunity that he simply could not refuse. But it meant that he would have to do some extensive traveling. Not wanting to leave the house unattended, he sent word to his nephew Gunn imploring him to travel to Springvale to house-sit until he himself would be able to return in a few months. Gunn sent word back via Caravan Merchant that he accepted. "I accept." his scribbled note had read.

However, time was of the essence and Jamie had to leave immediately or risk losing a very lucrative, once in a lifetime opportunity. He left Gunn a note written in the 'old language' of his clan instructing him on how to proceed.
Although the primitive language called Scots had been passed down thru the members of his clan for over two hundred years - since before the time the bombs fell - he knew that his grasp of it wasn't perfect, and he even suspected that the language itself, one of the most beautiful languages he had ever heard, had probably been corrupted to one degree or another over the centuries.
He also knew that it really didn't matter at the moment. He had more important things on his mind. All that mattered was that Dr. Jamie McGill needed to leave instructions for his nephew, so that he himself might promptly begin what would undoubtedly be a very arduous journey, and this was the best way to do it. For if anyone else chanced to discover the note, they would likely have a lot of trouble deciphering it, and that after all, was the whole point!