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Added: 25/12/2012 - 06:09AM
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This mod cleans up the Galaxy News Radio building in a lore-friendly way and adds a few small things here and there without going overboard. I left some of the rubble piles in the rooms that aren't used and only cleaned up where Three Dog(studio) is a little bit. I always found it odd that all of the BOS outposts and the Pentagon for that matter were so damn messy and having rubble EVERYWHERE. You'd think they'd clean up just a LITTLE bit, but no. It's shameful, it's a shameful display!! So that's what this mod does.

This Mod Adds:

- A cleaned up GNR Outpost while remaining lore-friendly
- A My first infirmary, My first laboratory and a player owned bed in the "infirmary"
- A workbench
- A unique set of Power Armor and a set of Lyons' Pride Power armor
- A small number of guns
- Two Laser Turrets at the front door.


Update I: Version 2(10/07/13):

- Fixes minor oversights
- Renames the bed in the "infirmary" from "My bed" to "Infirmary Bed"
- And Margaret the Technician! yaaaaaaaaay

Update II: Version 3(04/28/14):

- Fixes more oversights that I missed.
- Adds a off-duty lounge area
- Small edits to the GNR studio
- Cleaned with TES5Edit



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Permissions & Licenses:

-Fais ce que tu veux!(Do what thou wilt) You may do what you want with it, just please do not re-upload to the Nexus or anywhere. Stealings bad m'kay!

-If you wish to add it in a compilation, please ask Me first.

Finale Note: 

-If you have any questions, feel free to send Me a message on the Nexus or on Tumblr(I am on there everyday)

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I really hope you enjoy My mod! Have fun. :)