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  • Version 2 is Out!


  • This Saturday: UPDATES AND EXTRAS

    Hey guys, Alphie here!
    First order of business: THANKS TO ALL MY AWESOME SUPPORTERS OUT THERE! I appreciate your patience!

    When I say that there's an update this weekend, I mean it! If there's not, you can sue me! Seriously! All I got! I'll even hire a fake lawyer!
    I'm intending to get on my computer Friday night and work from 7:00 to 7:00 in the morning - that's 12 hours of work straight - in order to bring you guys the best update I can.

    So what's gonna happen in this update?
    I will focus on the expansion of:
    Enclave Faction
    Raider Faction

    Of course, I'll be adding a bunch of new things other than these. Faction creatures are a must...

  • An Under-Appreciated Creature Mod: Fill The Swamps With Life

    For all you out there that loved the atmosphere of point lookout, try this amazing creature mod!
    It's awfully unappreciated, but the work done on it is absolutely brilliant! Download, use and endorse!
    Jump on it,

  • 1.1 is out!

    1.1 adds more compatibility with MMM, along with a whole load of new creatures!
    Don't forget to vote FOTM....

  • Update Coming Soon, Broken Steel compat. patch with it

    I intend to update IMPERFECTION very soon (tomorrow or next day), along with adding a load of new Super Mutant Overlords for Broken Steel.
    It'd be glorious if you'd vote this for File of The Month. Thanks,