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Enclave PA + Hellfire PA Retextured

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Hi there, my name is D7 and I produce a crispy 3d-content for Fallout-games community.

You can find some of my mods on my Nexus Profile:

Please endorse, vote, donate, if you like it, and I am forever gratefull to everyone, who support me, so I can keep doing this.


For those, who do not see glowing eyes / reactor glow: you have to use HDR, included esp file and archieve invallidation. There is no any bug in this mod.


Got an old new PC! So tesla retex has started. I need some time to make it good and give an eyecandy skin and tweaks to it. Keep tracking. I'll upload it here as a separate file asap.

Wow! We are A File Of The Month #2! Thats unbelievable! THX, All!))

[size=1,4]Ok, guys. Looks like, my dear seller in Hong-Kong doesn't ever want me to get through ebay a cpu-fan for my broken laptop. So, my plans 2make any retexture and/or 3D models become delayed. I have no money for a new PC or even laptop, so I have only this netbook to post some comments. Sorry and stay tunned: someday I'll make some good stuff.
Always yours, d7.

Enclave PA + Hellfire PA Retextured

Feel free to upload your screenshots here!

install: put archieve contents to your Data folder
uninstall: delete this

Yes, enjoy :)