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This mod enables you to repair weapons using their similar counter-parts that you previously were not able to. Such as...

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Cross-Repair Weapons (Version 1.2 - By Neclipse)

This mod enables you to repair weapons using their similar counter-parts that you previously were not able to. Such as the following...

All Guns are repairable using Scrap-Metal

10mm Pistol -- 10mm SMG
Chinese Assault Rifle -- Assault Rifle
Super Sledge -- Sledghammer
Laser Rifle -- Laser Pistol
Plasma Rifle -- Plasma Pistol
Missile Launcher -- Fatman
44 Magnum -- 32 Caliber Pistol

Baseball Bat --> Nail Board (Nailboard does not repair Baseball Bat however, this is One way.)

Also all Unique weapons using the same model as the ones above are cross-repairable. Please see Screenshots for full list of Unique's available for cross-repair.

I have also included a special version of this mod by request from RoadReaction. This version only allows for Laser Weapons to Repair Laser weapons and Plasma weapons to repair Plasma weapons.

**New In Version 1.2**
All Guns are repairable by scrap-metal. The ripper is also repairable using scrap-metal. The 'Plasma and Laser Cross-Repair Only' mod has also been added to the main file. It can now be found in a sub-folder.


1. Unrar CrossRepairWeapons.rar to your Fallout 3/Data folder.
2. Go to Data Files in your FO3 launcher menu and check CrossRepairWeapons.esp.
3. Launch your game and Enjoy.


1. Remove CrossRepairWeapons.esp from your /Data directory.


This mod should be compatible with any mod that changes the item's listed above. I did not change any values for the actual items only the call lists for Repair.


Version 1.0: Initial Release

Version 1.1: Fixes Assault Rifle-Chinese Rifle repair problem.

Version 1.2: All guns are now repairable using scrap metal. The Ripper is also repairable with scrap-metal. Combined Plasma and Laser Cross-Repair only into the main file. It is now located in a sub-folder.


To contact me PM if you have any issues or questions on the official Bethesda Forums or here on the Fallout 3 Nexus forums. My name is Neclipse on both boards.

Thanks To:

Bethesda for making Fallout 3 of course.
ElminsterAU for FO3Edit
Timeslip for FOMM.
Everyone else over at the #Fallout3Modding IRC Channel.


Feel free to use my mod in your own mod. All I ask is you give me a little credit. Thanks.