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In collaboration with Cabal120, a Combat armor high res replacer for all default game combat armors.

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Sorry about the bad pics, no aliasing or anisotrophic filtering, I'll get some better ones uploaded when I have time.

This release includes materials provided by Cabal120, check him out:

Replaces all combat armor in the default game including:

Rivet City
Reilly's Rangers

This retexture also works for the feral ghouls that wear combat armor, it is available as a separate download.

Also available are retextures for the combat armor added by DLC:

Winterized Combat Armor - Slightly reduced diffuse maps than the rest of the files due to the number of soldiers on screen during the battle of Anchorage. (Requires Operation Anchorage and the optional environment maps download to be installed).

Winterized Medic Armor - Uses an .esp to override the texture changes made in the Zeta.esm master file. (Requires Mothership Zeta and the optional environment maps download to be installed).

4096x4096 diffuse textures, 2048x2048 normal/specular/environment maps.

2048x2048 diffuse textures also available, download one file OR the other, you only need one of the main files.

Recently, Cabal120 gave me permission to finish up and release the work he started on the female variant of FO3 and FNV's combat armor. I scratch built the male version of the armor using the extremely impressive diffuse, specular and env maps he had worked on to guide the style. I then created the normal maps for both and recoloured and added the details for each type of combat armor.

Also available for download is a patch that fixes a bug in the vanilla game where the incorrect texture was applied to the Ranger Battle Helmet.

These retextures now include environment maps to simulate reflections on parts of the armor, download to check it out in-game.

Same as all other retextures, extract to Data folder, enable archiveinvalidation.

This mod is compatible with other mods that use parts of the combat armor models in their construction, including some of the armors added by this mod: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/18105/