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A gameplay and story mod for Fallout 3 that enhances the action RPG gameplay by modifying and introducing new mechanics whilst creating a more authentic “grey” Fallout open-world by adding an alternate path to completing the main game by joining the Brotherhood Outcasts.

Permissions and credits

Name: F3REDUX - Fallout 3 Redux
Version: B1.4
Date (yyyy/mm/dd): 2017/04/23
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes

Requirements: Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) is required; won't work without it! There's this video if you need help installing and using it.

Author site: www.sELFiNDUCEDcOMA.com

Other available mods from Fallout 3 Redux:
> FPS Grenade and Sprint Keys
> Better Food Textures
> SweetFX Suite and Terrain LOD Noise Map

This is a BETA release made available for feedback and testing.


A gameplay and quest mod for Fallout 3:

> Gameplay: it enhances the action RPG gameplay by:
     -- Modifing and adding new weapons.
     -- Modifing and adding new armor.
     -- Modifing and adding new new game objects.
     -- Modifing and adding new mechanics; including:
          -- Greande-O-Matic: allows you to cycle through all grenades and throw one with a key press.
          -- Sprint-O-Matic: allows you to move from any stance into a full sprint -- faster than running.
     -- Modifing and adding new creatures.
     -- Modifing and adding new characters.
> Quests: it creates a more authentic “grey” Fallout open-world by adding:
     -- An alternate path to completing the main game by joining the Brotherhood Outcasts.
     -- It modifies and adds new locations -- including an expanded Fort Independence.
     -- It adds new characters in support of quests -- not all have dialogue yet.
     -- It modifies and adds new primary, secondary and tertiary questlines for the Brotherhood Outcasts. 
          -- Primary questline: 6 are playable, remaining quests providing alternate path to ending have work done but are not complete (nor playable). 
          -- Secondary questline: 4 quests planned (NOT playable) most of the foundation work done, need to be scripted.
          -- Tertiary questline: 9 quests have been planned (NOT playable) to replace the The Outcast Collection Agent repeatable quest.

______UPDATE B1.4

This update comes around 4 years since the last... Sorry if anyone was waiting that long ;).
> Updated included version of DarnUI hud_main_menu.xml file so that O2 counter appears when under water.
> Resolved menu code issues that resulted in the game appearing to get stuck or crash at the menu 
     -- In reality the game was simply still loading, once finished after a long wait, the menu would appear. 
> Updated the Sprint-O-Matic to use a new sprinting formula; also added new menu options to tweak to liking.
> Revised Grenade-O-Matic HUD icons to remove an image artifact visible in all images.
> Updated Grenade-O-Matic scripts for better ease of use and function.
> Revised workbench crafting script, now there are BASIC, ADVANCED, EXPERT and SPECIAL categories to select from. 
     -- Basic you always have access to from any workbench. 
     -- Advanced requires a schematic for that crafting option to become visible. 
     -- Expert requires inaddition to a schematic, that you have the required skill levels to craft the item. 
     -- Special are quest sensistive crafting options that are usually one off -- currently 1 is available.
> Revised what crafting options were required for certain weapons as well as adding in the new weapon types added previously.
> Populated new weapon schematic blueprints via world and vendors.
> Revised scripting and AI packages of Outcast found outside of Megaton and at Fort Independence.
> Expanded (and scripted) Fort Independence Outcast base -- not all complete yet.
> Added draft dialogue for Outcast in support of quests.
> Added draft scripting for 6 Outcast primary quests.
> Modified several locations, duch as Fairfax Utility Tunnels, for these quests.
> Linked to world any new world cells (dungeons) introduced by these quests.
> Fixed missing Lyon's Pride weapon
> Modified Lyons' pride AI so that they would not abondon their superior weapons for inferior ones
> Modified GNR radio Brotherhood forces
> Tweaked LOD textures used in distance -- crisper and blends better.
> Updated ALL raider armor textures.
> Updated ALL mercenary armor textures.

______UPDATE B1.3

______UPDATE B1.2a

______UPDATE B1.2


> Update weapon visual and scripted effects -- with energy weapon ones from EVE New Vegas
> Update textures for combat and power armor with Bornagain alternatives.
> Overhaul fall and jump damage; possibly implementing fatigue based on the need to eat and sleep... Maybe.
> Add visual effects to chems along with additional effects for stim in order to better balance.
> Test ideas out to do with limited fast travel.
> Finish "-O-Matic" mechanic additions off.
> Implement Ironsights.


Currently it is at a beta state which means that most of the assets are in along with gameplay changes made. Changes have been made to locales in support of the primary quest-line involving the Outcasts along with enough work done to new locations completed for testing.

However, though elements of the quests themselves are complete, like NPCs in, a good deal of terminal entries, and, quest objects. The NPC dialogue and quest scripting is still not complete as not all the quests have been implemented.

What is complete should allow people to play Fallout 3 from start through to end, and in the process, provide feedback on the changes made. And I do mean Fallout 3 as the DLCs are currently unsupported along with popular mods like Mart's Mutant Mod. I plan to support these in the future, and you should be able to use these without to much difficulties.

However in the case of MMM used with this mod; my mod already makes the game substantially harder, MMM will make it even more so. Only use it if you really want a hardcore gaming experience; just don't complain to me about it being too hard ;).


The goal is to create something more along the lines of an action RPG not a fantasy RPG in playing experience in regards to mechanics and balance. To that end it's not just about adding new weapons, armor, creatures and mechanics. It's about how these are balanced in regards to the rest of the game.

So for example, I didn't just add another 100 weapons to the game's stock ones. I modified the existing ones until I was happy with them and only then if I had a reason to, I added new ones.

Superficially I'd say it is similar to other overhaul mods as it has many of the same high-level goals, however, I think people will find it quite different once you get passed that -- the devil's in the details as they say ;). In particular I think the quests I'm adding in regards to the Outcasts, offering an alternate path in completing the game. Will make a big difference.

For this I'm modifying locations/quests and adding new ones, including a large nonlinear dungeon.

And for those not interested in the quests, I think they will appreciate the other changes it makes to the base game, especially as I've not just changed level lists but also modified locations to reflect the changes -- for example by populating it with new objects.

I've spent a lot of time learning to use GECK and other tools, in particular FOSE. Spent a lot of time solving problems and doing things different to what others may have done in order to create something polished and unique. Hopefully people will appreciate it.

I still plan to finish this overhaul mod off by at least completing the main quest thread. I undertook the development of this mod so as to keep various skills fresh along with updating them and learning some new ones. However, my time is poor at the moment.


The following gives a description of the three quest lines I'm adding to the game for the Brotherhood Outcasts; my priority is the first (primary) one at this stage.

+ + + + + Primary Questline: Right-Hand Man

Think the Brotherhood come off a little too “uppity” because they've got Liberty Prime and they know it? Well, maybe you'll find the Outcasts are a better fit then.

Become Casdin's paid go-to-guy reclaiming forgotten technology from the Wasteland for caps (or just keep the tech for yourself) and complete the game as an Outcast operative to learn the bitter truth at the heart of the Brotherhood rift.

+ + + + + Secondary Questline: Embrace The Dark

These quests all originate from Inquisitor Kammler head of the Savants (scribes) and research being undertaken at Fort Independence.

+ + + + + Tertiary Questline: Outcast Collection Agent (Redux):

At a certain point the existing The Outcast Collection Agent quest becomes unavailable. These quests are intended to replace this generic repeatable quest along with helping to flesh out backstory.


The mod plugin minus all the assets is around 3MBs. If you were to look at the average size of most plugins, I think you'd find that most don't even go past 200KBs. I've made a lot of changes, so many, that I doubt that I will ever remember them all :). So, all I can do is give the the following overview and snippets of the changes I've made to Fallout 3 -- the list is just misleading as it suggests less than is actually present.

+ + + + + Player Mechanics:

> Carry Weight -- your carry weight has been reduced to force players to be more resourceful; objects can increase it however.
> Health -- health formula has been modified so that you start off with less; also adds an immersive visual effect when health gets low.
> Cripple -- has been changed so that you need to use Med-X or see a doctor.
> FPS Sprint key -- has been added to aid in tactical play and make use of action points.
> Player fall damage -- has been modified so as to pose a threat; this is decreased by power armor.
> Backpedaling -- speed has been reduced.
> Immersive Thirst -- mechanics with visual effects have been added; it is a wasteland after all.
> Stealth -- has been overhauled making in particular the indoors sections harder on lower levels.

NOTE: originally there was some changes to how skills and experience works, however, what I really wanted to do was make them work as they did in Morrowind. Luckily, someone else has done all the work on this front. I recommended that people download and try Practice Makes Perfect by Uoud.

+ + + + + NPC Mechanics:

> AI behaviour -- has been tweaked.
> NPC stats -- have been tweaked.
> NPC equip lists -- have been tweaked and balanced; Supermutants for example will now use battle rifles (big guns) over puny assault rifles (small guns).
> Strengths & weaknesses -- have been added to all enemies in the game; this opens up more tactical options to play when you know a certain critter doesn't like fire
> New creatures -- have been added to the game; several including robots.

+ + + + + Weapon Mechanics:

> Auto-aim -- has pretty much been removed.
> FPS Grenade key -- has been added to allow for quick cycle and throwing of grenades out of inventory.
> VATs targeting -- is now primarily a power armor (helmet) only feature; some unique helmets provide this without needing power armor equipped.
> Weapon stats -- have all been reworked and balanced.
> New Weapons -- have been added to the game to create a stronger balance; including new grenades.
> Weapon Pip-icons -- have either been sourced or created for all.
> New ammo -- has been added to the game to compliment the existing NOT replace.
> Ammo weight -- has been implemented to add to the survival gameplay.
> Weapon degrade -- has been reduced.

NOTE: ironsights is currently not implemented. The good news on this front is that 95% of the weapons have nifs available on Nexus that supports RH_IronSights by Rogue Hallow. The bad news is that I don't think I will get around to creating a compatibility patch anytime soon unless someone else takes it upon themselves to do so -- either sending me a link to the mod or having me upload it -- or, people badger Rogue Hallow to create one ;).

+ + + + + Armor & Item Mechanics:

> Item stats -- have been tweaked along with inventory weight.
> Armor stats -- stats tweaked and now armor provide disadvantages along with advantages.
> Item/Armor degrade -- has been tweaked and slowed.
> New items -- have been added to enhance tactical play such as night vision, binoculars and backpacks.
> New armor -- has been added to the game; including power armor types.
> Item/Armor Pip-icons -- have either been sourced or created for all.
> Helmet vision effects -- have been added to helmets in the game; primarily power armor helmets that enhance your vision.
> Skill books -- now work like New Vegas skill magazines in that it is temporary; if you have the Comprehension perk then you will retain 1-3 points based on your intelligence.

+ + + + + Chem & Consumable Mechanics:

> Food -- stats have been modified along with several being replaced with new ones.
> Chems -- have been modified along with new ones added.
-------> Doc Planck's Miracle Elixir
-------> Skag Rock Candy
-------> Red Devil Gentleman's Snuff
-------> experimental SuperStem
> Beverages -- have been modified along with new ones added.
-------> Nuke Beer
-------> Rice Wine
> Med-X -- can now be used to heal crippled limbs.
> Cave Fungus -- now cures addiction along with reducing rads.

+ + + + + Misc. Mechanics:

> Munition Dropbox -- in the form of 28 yellow Express Post dropboxes; accepts all ammo, grenades and mines, allowing access to this shared stockpile from any of the dropboxes.
> NPC ticks -- have been removed from the compass HUD as they make the game too easy to play.
> Empty container messages -- have been removed when your cross-hair is over a container; the idea is to promote exploration by forcing players to way up risk versus reward.
> Wrecked vehicles -- that you use as cover no longer detonate from a few stray bullets.


First, your going to either have to manually set archive invalidated or use Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) to do this automatically for you -- or ArchiveInvalidated invalidated. I'm not going to tell you how to do these, try searching Nexus or Googling it ;).

1. Extract the main and plugin mod files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
OR: just unzip the main file into your DATA folder and do likewise with the plugin zip if you don't have the space -- as the main file unzipped is 1GB.
3. Copy main files to (install folder)Fallout 3Data -- you don't need to copy the "SaveGame" folder as this is not where the file it contains goes anyway.
4. Copy plugin/update files to (install folder)Fallout 3Data -- over-writting old files when prompted
5. Start Fallout Launcher click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the FSREDUX.esm file.
OR: Run Fallout Mod Manager and checkmark the file in the mod list and then Launch Fallout 3.

This is mod is best used with a clean install. Use this tweak guide to get the most out of the game and your system.

It was developed and tested with the latest 1.7 patch installed.

You can enhance the visuals of your game with SweetFX SMAA Based Shader Suite. There are other SMAA mods around, however, I find them to over-saturate colors, over use effects, with the net result being that fine details become washed out rather than enhanced. Why I uploaded my own version of SweetFX with my Fallout 3 tailored settings. It sharpens all detail along with being more subtle with the effects utilized rather than heavy handed. You can change these settings to what you like, as the settings file is well structured and easy to modify.

+ + + + + Suggested mods:

> I recommended that people download and try Practice Makes Perfect by Uoud
> If visual stutter is an annoyance try Fallout Stutter Remover by SkyRanger-1
> Darn UI -- I don't use it but it is VERY popular; F3Redux has been extensively tested with it, it supports it, and should work absolutely fine with it

+ + + + + Visual enhancement mods:

Additional (texture-replacer) mods that enhance the visuals of the game; just make sure that any esp/esms are loaded before F3REDUX.esm:

> NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3 by NeilMc_NMC
> Better clutter and furniture pack by macintroll
> Female Texture Mod by thecaptainhere
> Josef Greys Makeup Face Retexture by Josef Grey
> Hair Pack by YoshikinaKota

FYI: I've included a custom "LOD terrain noise map" to make outdoor terrain in the distance look better. There is a standalone mod that says it does the same thing. Not to be mean or anything -- as I wouldn't have thought to do this -- but it doesn't do a very good job. At least not for Fallout 3. I've included a screenshot comparing mine with the vanilla in-game. It does look better in-game, especially with a SMAA or FXAA installed, as they also have a sharpen image post-processing feature -- it makes everything sharper and appear to have more detail.

I am of the opinion that mine is best as it blends the foreground into the background detail without using an over-sized un-optimized texture. But if you really really want, you can use the alternative standalone created by another author by copying over mine with it.

+ + + + + Darn UI & Helmet POV:

I've added support for Darn UI and Helm POV. What you need to do is go to your:

(install folder)Fallout 3Datamenusmain

There you will find a bunch of folders starting with "OPT_" along with (at least) a "hud_main_menu.xml" file. Open the folder you need -- DarnUI is "OPT_DarnUI" -- then copy the "hud_main_menu.xml" there and go back to your "menusmain" folder and paste it over the version found there.

FYI: the "OPT_Vanilla" folder version is the one that is already there; it's just a back-up copy.

Also you then need to go to your "menuprefabsF3REDUX" folder if you are using DarnUI, where you will find 2 similar folders. Again the "vanilla" option is just a backup, if you want to use Darn you should then copy the "F3REDUX_HUD.xml" file from "OPT_DARNUI" and copy it over the version found in "menuprefabsF3REDUX."

The DarnUI plugin must be loaded after F3Redux otherwise the game will load but the menu will not appear or be selectable. I'm pretty sure this is also the case with HelmetPOV, but, you may need to experiment by loading it up prior to the F3Redux plugin or prior/after the DarnUI plugin.


I'm not responsible for what happens to your Fallout 3 install, the other mods you have installed and your computer itself. That's all your responsibility, as I'm not in charge of maintaining all those things for you.

So if something goes wrong by installing my mod, try taking responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming others as chances are it is actually you who are to blame ;).


The assets -- Nifs (meshes), textures and sound files -- from this mod that have been created by me are free to use in Fallout 3 mods as long as you're not just releasing it as a standalone version -- if I want to create a standalone version, I will do so myself ;). Also, you need to give appropriate credit with a click-able link back to this mod, along with, endorsing this mod.

At the moment I'm asking that people ask for permission before porting anything to New Vegas, as I have plans to port some stuff over at a later date.

Where these assets were originally from another mod not authored by myself, and I have only made minor changes -- for example dds optimizations or nif fixes. You do not need to credit me, however, you may need to ask the original mod author for permission to use these modded assets.

If the changes to these assets from another mod have been substantial, such as modified meshes and textures -- beyond a simple and quick hue / saturation tweak in Paint.NET for example -- then I would like my work to be credited along with the original mod authors in recognition of my effort.

Lastly, the quests themselves -- including and specifically new locations -- I do NOT wish to provide permission at this point to be modded; specifically, to be separated from this mod so as to make them work with other mods. Perhaps I will change my mind later on, but at this point, this is my stance on this.


I've left this section to last as this list can be a bit of a spoiler as to what's in the mod. Though I can see how people want to know exactly what the mod does and doesn't do and does and doesn't include. I still want some things to be a surprise.

Anyway, I'll be updating this list in the near future when I have the time, to verify links, the specific assets used and their respective authors, and, what changes if any I made to them.

+ + + + + Special thanks:

To Luguberos (Schreiter) for providing the following ported weapon assets:

> Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle -- mesh and texture by Rus_Ivan, 1st-person PU scope by Luguberos, compiled for Fallout 3 by Luguberos
> G3 battle rifle for Fallout 3 -- model by ez_jamin, texture by Teh Snake, ported by Luguberos
> Custom Chechen AK for Fallout 3 -- model by Georg Destroy, texture by Teh Snake, ported by Luguberos
> Stalker M1911 pistol -- original mesh and textures by GSC Game World, ported to Fallout 3 by Luguberos
> Two-toned Smith & Wesson 5906 -- mesh by Arby26, texture by Miztaegg, ported by Luguberos

+ + + + + Non-Mod Resources:

> Bad Wolf, Red Chief and Red Devil clipart courtesy of : Tack-O-Rama
> Public domain clipart from: OpenClipArt.org
> Royalty free textures provided by: Spiral Graphics

+ + + + + Weapon Mod Resources:

> EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements by weijiesen and jonnyeah
- only uses non New Vegas assets; nifs have been modified and textures tweaked
> EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced by weijiesen and Cipscis
- modified nifs, tweaked textures along with new (non-gloss) normal maps
> Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX by Antistar
- only non New Vegas assets used; modified nifs used but no textures included
> Weapon Mod Kits by Antistar
- modified nifs along with required (tweaked) textures for these used
> WME - Weapon Mod Expansion by jonnyeah
- only non New Vegas assets used; modified nifs and tweaked textures
> Chinese Assault Rifle Sound Mod by Pixelated
> FO2 Gauss Rifle Sounds Enhanced by Saxster
> Heavy Laser and Adv Recon Armor by Phoynix
- Just the sounds are included and used in this mod
> Pipe Rifle And Other Junk Weapons by djabend
- Only uses the shiv mesh and texture which has been modified
> Weapons Of The Shogunate by Moraelin
- nifs used along with modified textures
> Cool Lasers HD 1_06 by Moraelin
- uses modified nifs and textures
> Jojjos Laser Sniper Rifle by jojjo
- uses modified nif and textures
> Plasma Sword by JSnider193
- modified nif and textures
> Classic YK42B Pulse Rifle by DaiShi
- mod only includes sound and weapon effects
> Bingles melee Complete by Bingles
- only uses non NV assets; those use have been modified with the odd new texture created
> CRL9000 Sound Modification V046 - DLC Edition by Crawlius
- uses some of the weapon sounds from this mod
> Realistic Gunshot Sounds by Honnou
- uses most of the weapon sounds from this mod, some modified
> Gauss DX by Wei Jie Sen
- uses a modified version of the nif along with glow map
> The Man With No Name Revolver - 44 magnum retexture by PyroJesus
> Unique Items - unique look by RogueTrooperPL
> Belt Feed Miniguns by odin_ml and Lord_Nighthawk
> Benelli_M4_Super_90 by KrimeMinister
- uses nif with modified textures
> 44 magnum retexture by RogueTrooperPL
> Rambo 2 Combat Knife V1_1 by boxhead52347
> Smoking Fun with Smoke Grenades by AlexScorpion and Weijiesen
> RPG-7 Replacer and Non-Replacer by Dude719
> Deus Ex-like Tranquilizer Dart Gun by exsequien
> 18 inch CS Latin Machete by fext
> Eradicator Autocannon by Mashadar
> Better G3 AR model by metallicalec
> Black R91 Skin by AlexScorpion
> R91 Compact Assault Rifle by chazzerman286
> Cheytac m200 intervention sniper rifle by enroger
- uses nif with modified textures
> Unique Chinese Pistol by JER01
> Classic Needler Pistol by Listenerr
> Fusion Tomahawk by neunen and Oldwolfe
> neunens axes v2 by neunen
> New schematic weapons - modders resource by FatmanMagister
> 25mm Dismounted AA Cannon by BrotherShogo
> 762 pistol - Gauss pistol - Machinegun - FAMAS by Joe Camel
> Sig Sauer 14mm Auto Pistol Classic Fallout Weapon Mod by joefoxx
> Wattz Laser Weapons by joefoxx
> Classic Plasma Grenades by DaiShi
> Classic Pulse Grenades and SuperSledge by DaiShi
> Tweaked Supersledge Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Tweaked Powerfist Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Warhammer 40k Tau Pulse Rifle by DaiShi
- I only used the weapon effect and projectile stuff which I modified
> FT Weapons - M1 Garand by Stray
- currently unused as mod has disappeared from nexus
> Pristine Chinese Officers Sword by Zenith92
> Plasma Pistol Redesign by svartberg
> Plasma Rifle Redesign by Svartberg
> Shells Slugs Ammo Modders Resource by odin_ml
> FT Weapons - Walther MPL by Stray
> AER12 Laser Rifle with modified model by Pantherx69
> Ghogiels Holy Hand Grenade by Ghogiel
> Tweaked Combat Shotgun Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Bullpup Reload Animations - Modders Resource by joefoxx082
> RH New Weapon Animations by Rogue Hallow
> Cryo Weapons by DarkanX
> Pistol-Grip Combat Shotgun Set by Bael
> SA Dagger - Modders Resource by Werne
- uses nif with new textures
> Stielhandgranate - Modders Resource by Werne
- new lesser poly mesh, new textures, new nif and havok mesh; no longer disappears through floors
> Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle by JB
> Echo_Scope_Crosshairs by Echonite
> SonicBlaster by Toloc
> Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol by dan
> Pickaxe by Moraelin
> STALKER Weapon Pack by Pickinthebanjo - Ogramirad
> Saiga-12 by PickinTheBanjo
- uses modified nif using new smoothed drum mesh by Luguberos and modified textures
> KR-C3 Canister Rifle by Arashi1532
> Vampires Edge retexture by Zenith92
> SVD Dragunov by Zealotlee
> Saiga-12 Combat Shotgun replacer by Luguberos
> A New AKM Assault Rifle by tredmeister
> DC Ranger Arsenal by hideouscircus
> Omega Frontline Industries-Advanced Armory by Airahn
> Classic Glock86 Plasma Pistol by DaiShi
> Assault Rifle Variety Mod and Resource by PantherX69
> Add Wanda Ver2 by PantherX
> Better Arsenal FN FAL V5 by Vashts1985
> Flamer Pistol LE Edition by DaiShiHUN ported to F3 by LambentEarache
> Chooies Chinese Armory Mang Tan Machine Pistol by leChooie
> Classic 10mm Pistol by Listenerr
> Laser Pistol Sound Replacer by Werne
> ZL Armaments - A Wasteland Arsenal by Zealotlee
-- only the sound files are used as other mods by Zealotee provided the nifs and textures.

----------------- Armor & Clothing Mod Resources:

> Power Armor Eye Colour Change V2 by C13Sektor
> World Model for the Surgical Mask by Stygs
> BD Camouflaged Combat Armor Textures by BlackDragon66
> Bornagain Fo3 Outcast by CaBaL
> ST - 50A Power helm Flickones power armor project by Flickone
> Black Surgical Mask by Baelkin
> Black Hood by Baelkin
> Black Recon Armor by OnyxAbyss
> Outcast goggles by Anykey
> US Army Power Armor Texture by tavtav
> Digital Urban Camo Power Armor by tredmeister
> Black Colonel Autumn Coat by NibXD
> Steiner Combat Gear by tredmeister
> Dragonskin Tactical Outfit by Antistar
> Camo Combat Armor Redux by tredmeister
> Outcast DX by weijiesen
> T51b DX by weijiesen
> FullMetalJacket-Helmet by MyT01
> Wasteland Gear - modders resource by Andersh
> Talon Company 101st by Kaine12
> Nightvision Goggles - Powered by Antistar
> Combat Armor Mark II by xzax
> Cerberus Protect Gear - Headgear by Baelkin
> Field Medic Power Armor by Pronam
> Enhanced Enclave power and tesla armor by Mortecha
> Merc Adventurer Armor by d_ivanov
> Army Prototype Medic Power Armor by Rebel5555 AKA Joshua R
> The Tenpenny Tower Tuxedo and BDSM LeatherGear Makeover by Andysaurus
> Classic Advanced Power Armor - Improved Meshes and Textures by Archeria
> Enclave MAUL Body Armor Set v2_1 by junjo
> Cyber Arm Vault Suit by tumbajamba
> Classic Tesla Metal Armor by DaiShi
> Merc Grunt Reskin by EggChen
> Really Rusty Power Amor by JER01
> Power Armor Footstep SFX by Kerghan

----------------- Misc. Mod Resources:

> Sprint Mod by Lork -- and Drag0ntamer, bluehiro, Diegog5.
> Slower Backpedaling by Lork
> Fallout 3 Re-Animated by Alendor
> Mutant Animations by Talkie Toaster
> Combat Enhanced-Tactics by IAR80 and taylorsd
> HUD Counter Template: Imp of the Perverse.
> RI_Thirst by KSchenk
> WWII Weapon Sounds Resource by Tiber Septim
> Skykappa 3000 by Skykappa
> Antistars Assorted Add-ons by Antistar
> Better HiRes Skill Books by ObsidianStag
> Chems and Meds Re-Texture Pack by Kevkas -- with elements by LockdownZero
> Atomic Library by Autan Waspeez
> Posters 2 by Autan Waspeez
> Civil Defense posters by Autan Waspeez
> No more Captain Cosmos by Autan Waspeez
> Reactor by TAJocelyn
> Better PreWar and Burned Books by obsidianstag
> Glowroach and Nukaroach by Lost Antihero
> Ghogiels Cybermen by Ghogiel
> Monster Mod by Dogtown1
> ST Robot Race by SmileyTops
> Better Balanced Backpacks by Chesko
> Binoculars and Portable Scopes by atlanticmongrel
> Monocular by Werne
> Megaton Shack MB by Meatbomb
> Yard Flamingo Resource by WildKarrde
> VaiNs Drapes - Modders Resource by VaiN - NDG474
> VaiNs Rugs - Modders Resource by VaiN - NDG474
> Ghogiels Brain by Ghogiel
> Ghogiels Necronomicon by Ghogiel
> Vertibird Re-textured by macintroll
> Soulful Eyes FO3 by Nivea
> Mutfruit plants - modders resource by d_ivanov Sergey_Ros hikky71
> Supermutant Armor and Skin ReTextured by Macintroll
> supermutant Captain Armor and Skin ReTextured by macintroll
> CyborgElite by Ruadhan2300
> ShockTroopers by Ruadhan2300
> New creatures ressource by tumbajamba
> Creature Resources and Mods by CIB
> Qs Critters Resource by Quetzlsacatanango
> Brass Gauge Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Tweaked Generator Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Tweaked - Coffee Maker Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Workshop Tools - Wrench01 Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Tweaked Intercom Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Chucks Military vehicles Modders Resource by chucksteel
> Arwen_Realism_Tweaks by Arwen_Eve
> Post Apo Compilation by Berenus
> Tweaked Office Fans Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Zippos V1_3 - Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Detonator Device Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> WorkShop - Spare Parts Modders Resource V1_1 by Lord Inquisitor
> Lens Component Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Office Desk Fax Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Workshop Switches Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Gold Bars Modders Resource V2 by Lord Inquisitor
> Workshop Tools - Lockpicks Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Marble Chessboards by Lord Inquisitor
> Workshop Tools - Pliers Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Workshop Tools - Soldering Irons Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Bone Furniture Modders Resource V1_1 by Lord Inquisitor
> Analog Meter Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor
> Calipers - Modders Resource by Werne
> C4 Plastic Explosive - Modders Resource by Werne
> STmoddersResources by Hengebobs
> AC MRE Resource by heavywaters
> Better street litter texture by CptJoker
> Better Booze by CptJoker and odin_ml
> Bael Amalgamation - Proper Wasteland Weapons by Bael
> DPR - Dynamic Poster Replacer by CoderDunn
> Vintage_Posters by Majin_Shinsa
> The Pimpmobile modder resource by jonas opines
> Selective Fire Scripts by kerededy
> Kkorvals Motorcycle Textures by Kkorval
> FNVIcons Modders Resource by bro_nod
> Misc Item Icons - New Vegas by The 3rd Type and DekoMan91
> Modder Resource Real Drinks by djabend
> Fallout Food by Coleen
> Alternative Idle Animation beta by Backsteppo
> Repaired UFO Resource by xXAntibodyXx
> Consoles by TAJocelyn
> TJ Small Rooms by TAJocelyn
> Ruined Type4 Consol by TAJocelyn
> Animated RType6 consol by TAJocelyn
> New Fireplaces by TAJocelyn
> missingairlock by TAJocelyn
> MissingRuinedTwayHall by TAJocelyn
> Missing Ruined Vault Bench by TAJocelyn
> New Door Idea by TAJocelyn
> Vault Utility Hall Redo by TAJocelyn
> New Valve by TAJocelyn
> missingRuinedvhallenddoorwayaltR01 by TAJocelyn
> Prewar Vehicles Modders Resource by pinioncorp
> STvehiclesResource by Hengebobs
> karma sound replacer by VG
- just uses the karma down sound
> Sounds Good v3 FINAL by Duns_Inc
- mostly uses the non-weapon sounds