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A difficult (but rewarding) raider base. New worldspace version now available! (so no need to remove game borders)

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Death Canyon v3 now available!


This is Death Canyon v2 but in a new worldspace. You therefore do not need to remove the border to get to it. The entrance is a pipe north of Raven Rock (marked on map). This version also includes:
- Terminal with a journal entry explaining the canyon and bunker
- Improved diversity of the raiders (racial, gender and general appearance – they’re not all clones anymore :P)

There is one problem with this version (which is not my fault). A bug with the GECK means that companions can’t follow you into a new worldspace. I will update this version when the fix is released but for now take a look at this post - - for a temporary scripting fix or just don’t take a companion (I chose not to include the script change incase some of you use customized or new companions, plus I don’t trust myself to get it right).

You may also experience some of the area popping up only once you are near. I’ve tried to fix this but the GECK is pretty useless and messes up the rest of the area. It’s not too bad though as once the canyon is loaded it doesn’t happen much.


-Navmesh improved (companions will now follow you - except for over the rock arch but they should wait for you to come back over and then carry on as normal).
-A bug that meant you would sometimes get stuck once respawned after dying at the top of the canyon has been fixed (please tell me if it occurs but it seems to be fixed from my tests).
-Reduced the amount of ammo on the raiders due to several comments

Thanks for pointing out any of the problems/bugs you find and I will continue to try and fix them. If you have already downloaded version 1 I recommend you replace it with version 2 for these fixes.

DESCRIPTION (all versions):
A small but difficult (and rewarding) canyon located north of Raven Rock with a small armory bunker at the end. I made this mainly for fun and to learn more about the GECK but decided I may aswell see what other people think of it. Sorry about the weird ghost trees in versions 1 and 2, they are part of the old areas LOD (I think) and I can't find a way to get rid of them (I tried looking on the official Fallout forums but noone else seems to know either).

Recommended for lvl 20s only (and you might want a few mini nukes ready).

I am new to this so any constructive criticism is welcome, I hope you enjoy :)

- Extract all the files included into the Data folder of your Fallout 3 folder.
- Go to the Data Files in the Launcher and check the "Death Canyon" option box.

Note (for versions 1 and 2 only): You will also need to change "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" to "bBorderRegionsEnabled=0" in the Fallout .ini file in order to get past the normal map border.

-Untick the “Death Canyon” option box
-Delete the DeathCanyon.esp file in your Data folder

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