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A visual picture gallery of the idle animations organized by type. A great reference for screenshot and comic artists.

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You can see many of these poses in action in my online comic BROKEN STEEL: FALLEN BROTHER on deviantArt.


I have weeded through the last of the in-game vanilla animations and completed this project. There will be no more updates unless errors are found. I have not included absolutely everything, as I have left out any animations that were repeats under a different name or were far to subtle to be of any real use.

Is this a useful tool? That's up to you. If you enjoy making comics or scenes and body language is important to you, I'm sure you will find plenty here that you can utilize. It has been extremely helpful to me to be able to refer to this catalog to keep my own comic fresh and to refrain from using the saaaame poses over and over again. Enjoy. If you are seeing this for the first time, please read the entire description before asking any questions. Thanks!



This is the FINAL update. I have added 132 more pics and I am tired, lol. Merg these folders into the others and enjoy the catalog. May your comics be awesome.

>120 more vanilla idle animation ref pics that can be used with the ~playidle command in the console. To use Vanilla Idle Pose Catalog Series2, simply unpack the RAR file and drag and merge the folders with Series 1. *OVERWRITE YES* if prompted, as I have corrected a mistake or two from Series 1.

Note that in this series, I have included several variations at times on a single pic. Some are separated by a comma, some in parenthesis.

For example, if a pic says:

MTHitArmLeft (B, C)

That means that:


are all working playidle commands with variations. Try them all and see what works for you. Pics that are taken in the GECK do not show the accompanying animated objects, such as the watering can or the shovel, but rest assured they WILL show up in-game when you play them.

If you downloaded the Creature Idles, right-click save this new version of the DOG and overwrite the old one:

>Added file 'Marts Mutant Mod Creature Animations' for the FEV Subject, Floater, Boar, Wanamingo, Gecko and Iguana.

>Added file 'Ceature Idle Animation Ref Sheets' for every vanilla creature in the game.

Welcome to the Vanilla Idle Pose Catalog Series!

As a Fallout screenshot artist/comic writer, these catalogs have been a HUGE help to me. Playing Fallout in windowed mode and being able to quickly leaf through my collection off to the side to find the perfect pose/animation is a time and headache-saver.

This is not a pose mode. This is a picture catalog that documents the vanilla idles that are already programmed into the game. Anyone can use them. Each picture shows the GECK's name for the animation and a brief highlight of the action. To use, perform the following:

>press ~ and click on the character you wish to perform the animation
>type PLAYIDLE followed by the name on the pic
> press ~ again to exit, and the animation will cycle

All animations cycle only ONCE by default. There's nothing I can do about that. Some animations seem to get stuck at the end of their run, or the odd one will loop indefinitely. Simply talk to the character to get them to knock it off. The good news is that characters will not be impaled on their holstered weapons.

Some anims work with weapons, and you can decode this in the name. 2HMAttackPower means 'two-handed melee'. Names with BH, RH and LH in them are 'both hands, right hand and left hand'. Pretty self-explanatory and good to know.

I realize some of the names are ridiculously long. I WOULD shorten them, but that would require me to re-add them into the GECK one at a time and it's not worth it for me to do that. Also, some of the animations in the same family are very similar, but I included them because I noticed there are marked differences in each one's body language...and variety is the spice of life.

This will be an on-going series until I've exhausted them. Each package of idles are categorized by:

>Laying Down

...which I think is a good and simple start to organizing them. Future releases will follow the same format so you can just drag and drop them in and have them organized.

Q: These are all 400x400 PNGs...can you convert them to another ext/resize?
A: No. You do it, LOL. Seriously.

Q: I can't get them to work.
A: Check your spelling, because there's no mod involved here. I copy/pasted the text directly from the GECK, so none of them are misspelled on my end. It's always possible that I've botched one though, and if someone lets me know I will replace it. Also, if you are missing the DLC that the animation stems from, obviously it isn't going to work for you.

Q: Some of the animations override the facial expressions I set.
A: I know. And I really hate that. *rageface*

Q: Will these work in New Vegas?
A: Probably so, since almost all of FO3's assets are in NV. Some of them might not work because they weren't included, or will be missing the animated object though. I highly doubt I will be making a NV version of this. Experiment.

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